Friday, September 16, 2011

Living Life Halfway...

There are some people (mostly young carefree people) who live their lives to the fullest. Not me. Not because I’m not as young anymore (shocker!) but because I quite literally am living my life halfway. Everything I do is in the middle of the opposite of whatever it is that I am doing. For example:
  • I sleep half awake. I have to pay attention to every turn, moan or fart the babies make at night.
  • I walk around half asleep. Obviously because I’m sleeping half awake.
  • I half cook. By half I mean my other half cooks. Jeff gets to do the honor since I usually get home around 8pm with the kids. Mostly, we bake stuff. We bought a slow cooker and if you can guess, well… its half opened.
  • I half blog. Hey! This one is not a surprise, I blog on the kids page (almost) everyday but not on this one. Kids take priority, even in the in the web world.
  • I enjoy half a weekend. I usually work on Saturdays so I get Sundays to half clean, half spend the day with the kids and half rest.
  • I’m half a mother. I hand them over to my sister for 10 hours a day while I’m at work. This one sucks for me even if the kids are in great hands.
  • I/we, half do food shopping. We’ve hardly spent the time or money on an actual supermarket shopping trip. Instead we food shop for the other two, more important, people in the house: Natalia and Noah.
  • I half loose baby weight. I lost the weight for one baby… still working on the other one.
  • I have a muffin top, but reversed. My bottom half has the muffin.. so its a normal half top with a muffing bottom. Sexy.
  • I'm not as big as I think I am but I'm not as small as I think I am. So perhaps I'm halfway somewhere there. This means my clothes fits funny. My tighter fitting clothes makes me feel too self conscious because of my frontal ass and the bigger clothes fit baggy.. and yet I  hide behind it wear it. I am not shopping for other clothing because I will fit in my clothes again and because financially, well, its stupid. (since it will be baggy soon enough) (a girl needs to dream... and not waste $$)
  • I half eat. Well actually I eat fully I just half chew, since the kids were born I've gotten used to eating very very fast, so fast that I chow down my food in under 5 minutes. Bad, very bad.
  • But the kids? I love them double. Each one of them. I have at least not divided my love in half for them. Something had to be doubled, right? And what better than my love for my twins? Everything else will have to just suck it up.