Friday, July 20, 2012

We Have Poopy Parties Up In Here!

Errr... the kids do...

These two little ones love, and I mean LOVE, to poopy at the same time. Always.
Okay most of the time, like 9 times out of 10, they go at the same time. They are very considerate I think. I get to change their diapers at the same time and have it be over with. The downside? The smell of course... you know the rosy smell I'm talking about... its fantastic. They like to come around each other when one is being changed and they give each other dirty looks like... what's that saying? Their own shiiiit don't stink. Noah goes for the dramatic gag once in a while and Natalia rolls her eyes at him.

The nerves of her... she once got picked up by her father while I was in the shower (thank God) and he came running in asking: "Shan? What did she put on me face? It smells like poop." I of course had the natural response: I burst out laughing. If I could have taken a picture I would have.... the petrified look on his face was priceless. It was also on his shirt and arms so I did the other natural thing... I ran away from them and went to clean my boy. Their shit: their problem, heehee.

So yeah... that's what happens in my house. Come over and maybe you'll catch one of the usual two party sessions they have. And who said non-identical twins weren't in sync?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

For You Facebook: Hiding, Posing & Dieting...

Thank you Facebook. I think...
In all fairness this could be for all Social Medias.
You guys are great tools... and I do mean "tool" in all forms.

Me? I am talking directly to Facebook because I don't have the other stuff. Facebook has inspired me even more than I already was to become fit. First of all, I hardly... if ever... post pictures of myself so I like hiding behind the camera, thankyouverymuch. But if I go out, I'm always trying to pose because, well... have you seen the pics people tag you in? They don't exactly take the same consideration in looking for the best poses and flattering shots that you do for yourself. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? Don't lie now.

Yes, I could delete my account but then I wouldn't know which pictures of me are floating around would I? So now I'm using my love/hate relationship with FB to work out even harder so that I don't cringe when I see myself on other people's pages. Or in my "tag" album... where anyone can see them, eek! I'm not doing this only because I lack self-confidence but also to save others from going blind. I hope the effort is appreciated, that's all I'm saying.

And it's not that there is really anything wrong with the pictures, not much anyway, but aren't we our biggest critics? Photos that Jeff has posted of me have me hanging my head in shame while he loves the looks, so no they aren't bad. This post is basically about two things: I'm hard on myself and I have FB to thank for my (depending on how it goes) anorexic or sexy future. So since I can't control what pics go up of me I can control the "me" they take a pic of. You have the summer and the beach as inspiration, I have FB.

I know I sound like a cry baby... but deep down, I'm sure you get it. If you don't, then clearly you don't have a frontal ass to deal with. I have issues, obviously, and yes FB has made me face a reality that I can't ignore but because this is a sensitive topic I'm putting a disclaimer: I don't have a disorder or taking this overly too serious. I know that I have the pouch because of my laziness it was home to my adorable twins but I can still want to look better can't I?

Also, I'm not stopping anyone from taking photos or posting them, I'm just saying: prepare yourself for a tinier facebooker... fingers crossed.