Saturday, February 1, 2014

Teach Me to Teach You

There are books on everything.
There are books on how to walk, how to talk, and how to catch.
There are books on how to write and read, how to poop, and how to sleep.
There are books on how you are doing it right or wrong, if you have two or just one.

But there are  no books on the two of YOU.
My book on how to do things with the twins is called life.

I learn from them just as they learn from me.
I learn how to teach Natalia by singing, hugging, cheering and discipline with the occasional yelling.
I learn how to teach Noah by repeating, allowing him to do things himself,  and discipline with just a mean mommy look.
If all else fails, .... there is talking and understanding but there really is nothing like a lil spanking for some good memory branding.

They are different. So my approach in teaching them, discipline them, and even loving them is different. I got no books on this. Its trial and error. But we have fun. As they get older I need them to be a little clearer. I need them to teach me how to be the best mom I can be for each of them individually. I need to know how I can make them both amazing adults with love for life, with laughter filling all silence, with encouragement in following their dreams, fill them with kindness and confidence without them becoming arrogant, and even more... how do I teach them to get up after a fall? That its ok to fail, to defend themselves without causing harm to others, to stand up for what they believe, not to be bullies or become victims, to take care of each other, or how to be content with what they have?

I need them to teach me how to teach them how to be happy. (say that 3 times quick)
Because no book in the world will teach me that. And I'll never know if I got it right.
No pressure...

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ;)

The kids had a nice Christmas,
we hope you did as well ;)
Have a wonderful New Year!

On Christmas Eve:

On Christmas with Santa:

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Twins are Three!

Last Tuesday the kiddos turned three.
I don't even know how that happened. 
One minute I couldn't get pregnant, the next I'm stuffing
my face with their birthday cakes.

I didn't get many pics but here are a few of them :)

On their actual birthday. We took them out to dinner.

Their birthday party on Saturday October, 12th.

Blurry BUT it's probably the only pic of the four of us o_0

Friday, September 6, 2013

Err... Hi?

You know who is a bad blogger? Me.
I'm not even sure I could call myself one any more. But.... anyway... hi and stuff ;)

Apparently I am capable of making empty promises. I didn't know I would dare do such thing, but I did. A couple months back I said I would blog more and I disappeared instead. How does that happen? I dunno *shrugs*

What you didn't do was read the fine print. I meant eventually I would blog more, yes. That is what I meant. And I'm still not committing, I'm just saying.

I will leave you with some pics of a little vacation we took in August. Hopefully that is worth some forgiveness, because I'm showing you the kids, and who could be upset after seeing little ones having fun? Right? Right!

Natalia forcing her love on Noah

The big man

The little Lady

Go, horsey, go!

I love Paco the horse!

I'm the volcano King

I'm Superman! (She was saying this)

We still know how to sleep like proper twins!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Family Traditions

Life is busy.

Anything and everything can get in the way at any point, we all know that. But we can still make an effort to make sure the important stuff never take the back burner. For me, family is extremely important, its right up there with sleeping.

I grew up with fond memories of always having meals at the table with my parents and siblings. It always just was. We never questioned it, we never made excuses, and the tradition was hardly ever interrupted. Then we came to NY and we did continue having meals together for a while but it was while watching a movie... that was fine. We were still together and we still chatted after while dishes were being done and homework was being taken cared of. But eventually jobs started, schedules changed and family dinner happened only a few times per week. Then we got married and bla, bla, bla....

Now that I have my own family, I want the kids to have the same memories and family value that I grew up with. For almost a year now we've been having dinner together at the table with the twins. TV and radio are off. Phones are mostly not around. And we talk and we share (and yell at them to eat when they are not) and I truly hope that since they won't know any better, that the kids never come up with the genius idea to change it.

And I didn't stop there, I want the kiddos to be close to their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents, so I implemented family day with my parents and their kids once a month. We take turns hosting it. We catch up, we eat, we drink, we play or watch movies and its nice. We would like to do the same with Jeff's side of the family but the distance and their extra busy life has made it a bit impossible, sadly. His mom does come often on Sundays to visit so at least we have that. I hope that all the youngsters in the family will look forward to this for years and years to come.

What kind of traditions do you have or wish you had?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Silly Problems...

Someone explain to me...

- Why do the twins let me kiss them up to six times, but the seventh time annoys them? Worry-not. I found a solution to making these heartbreakers give me what I want. I tell them not to kiss me and then they do... so much for teaching them to do what I say. Why listen... when they can do what I say NO too? (Little rebels) (So my kids)

- Is there a hypnosis thing going on in "The Wheels on the Bus" song? These two cannot get enough of it. At first it was annoying and then we started using it to our advantage: whenever we want to have adult conversation we put on a playlist on YouTube on the TV and we chat. We don't even "hear" it anymore. But it does go round and round...

- Why do the last 15 lbs I have to lose love me oh so much? WHY????
Why must it love me to death so much so that it refuses to break up with me?... Okay, so I have a soft heart and whenever I feel my fat feeling a bit sad I do give a bit of goodness to cheer it up, but come on! Crushing its feelings would be too mean, right? RIGHT? I know I have to do it, I know. I just have to toughen up and take control. (So not fun!)

What silly problems do you have?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Dah Fun Place!

No, not the bedroom. Stop it.
Not Disney either. (Though, I want to go) (I've never been) (I know!)

Dah Basement. Our basement.
We've made it our playroom. (Again, stop it!) We figured when we were pregnant with the twins, I obviously only mean me (but you try telling Jeff that), that we wouldn't be able to go out often. Little did we know that it actually meant almost never. So we worked hard to finish it up. Okay, so that actually means Jeff and my brother worked hard to finish it while I supervised. I did a good job too, I even got the eye rolls supervisors get along with the "talks behind my back." (I take my jobs seriously)

We put up a bar, a bookshelf for me 'cause I love to read, the laundry area, a 120 inch screen with a projector, and a pool-slash-ping pong table, the computer center, and the Xbox Kinect system.

Well, we hardly use it o_0
We don't go down much with the kids because there are too many things I fear they'll run into (and they already have upstairs to put toys in every single space they find), we don't play too much pool or ping pong because we figured its there and we can play whenever we want... and so that reasoning hasn't helped (also the kids love to steals the balls). The computer? Sees us rarely... we have our phones and laptop upstairs. The Xbox kinect? Well, that was played the most only one night but by my nephew, nieces and sister-in-law. We do make use of the screen, though. By that I mean, we have it in the box unopened, and instead of using it, we  enjoy our movies straight on the wall. What? Don't judge... it looks fantastic! On most Saturday nights, we put the kids down and run downstairs to watch a movie.

So much for plans... but hey its there and if we ever get too bored we can just go downstairs and figure out what kind of fun we can have there... (go ahead and think what you want at this point)