Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh I miss you so!

Oh Internet I don't know how people ever survived without you. I.Need.You.In.My.Life.24/7.

These past weeks have been frustrating. No TV, No house, no bathroom, no Internet, no personal things, no BFP, nothing...NOTHING... But I did have some alcohol over the weekend to help my frustration... oh yes I did.

I didn't drink because I'm an alcoholic or anything, my cousin got married and I saw an opportunity for free therapy in form of a glass (or a few) of girly girl drinks. I had a blast!

We've had some issues with the bathroom and our contractor and things are taking longer (waaay longer) than expected. Its OK, it is what it is. And before you go thinking that Jeff and I are stinking because of no bathroom let me clear up that we are staying with my parents until we can move in to our house. We don't stink! I don't even feel like I own a house 'cause I'm not there, but I'm sure our future mortgage payments will knock home ownership feelings into my head.... and bank account.

The only bad thing about staying with my parents? Their cable is not working and the Internet connection is the dial up... remember that? I think the 4 blocks around here heard when I got on.... And its taking quite a long time to browse.... good news though: cable guy coming tomorrow...yay! And no, I don't really have time at work for "play" or access to blogs, forums, etc. How inconsiderate of them!

I'll update soon and hopefully I'll have some before and after pictures.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Two homes = twice the work

I’m sitting here ready to pull my hair out, and I would do it if I weren’t too tired or if it wasn’t glued down to my scalp with paint. OK, so I’m exaggerating a little bit but I’m allowed to. The paint is actually already out but I want to complain anyway.

We are still living in the apartment until the 15th (this Friday, yikes!). I have yet to clear out all of the 5 closets to pack them and also clean up before we leave… all that while working and cleaning/painting the house… that’s a lot of work. Thank God we already made the BIG move last Saturday.

We are exhausted!

We wouldn’t have survived this far if it wasn’t for my brother. God bless that man! Also my sister-in-law, sister, nieces and nephew have been helping with the priming/painting. We’ve done a lot of painting and yet not enough…. I’m kinda ready to give up, but I won’t. I’m too proud.

Jeff is doing better since his fall. His bruises are healing really well so I’m going to keep him even busier now. (Get ready honey). He’s been living in Home Depot. By the way, when we said we were moving we didn’t realize it would be to Home Depot, which I’m now sharing with Danny (my brother) and Zaira (sister-in-law). They are also remodeling their house, DIY style and I can’t thank them enough for taking time out of their very very busy working/remodeling schedule to help us. We are the un-handiest couple you can come across, so like I said we wouldn’t have survived without them.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm a homeowner!

OK.... Co-homeowner.... but homeowner nonetheless...

Its the weirdest thing. I feel strange and to be honest I'm somewhat in denial.

We closed on Friday, August 1st and celebrated individually. We went to my cousin and her fiance's bachelor/bachelorette parties and enjoyed our home ownerships with completely half-naked strangers. Then we met up at a club, actually the guys came to stalk us girls (party poopers), went to eat by the beach and got home around 7:30 in the morning. Needless to say the first day of owning a home we spent it sleeping. When we finally got up we went shopping for paints and supplies. That was it.

The second day, my poor Jeff decided to check the gutter out but was on a weak ladder and fell about 8 feet to concrete floor. Thank God he is OK. No fractures just really nasty bruises on his right side and arm. That was scary!

We are now in the middle of remodeling the bathroom, my brother completely gutted everything: no walls, floors or ceiling, all down to studs. I'm very excited to see the final bathroom and I will share the before and after pictures. While that's being done we are painting the rest of the house with my sister-in-law Zaira's help. Yay! This coming Saturday is our big moving day and I can't wait to get that over with.

Does anyone else think Jeff hurt himself so that he doesn't have to do too much work???? Too convenient if you ask me......