Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Jeff!

For your birthday I got you a Threesome!


Yes, she is a thunderstorm... but she is a she, isn't she?
Not to say that the women in your life whose name begin with S bring you nothing but trouble, but you know... she in particular is a mean B so my suggestion would be to turn my offer down. Just saying...

Anyway, I love you.
Noah loves you.
& Natalia loves you.
We are happy you get to stay home with us today, we hope you enjoy our treats and our diapers (the kid's said this, I swear), and we hope to celebrate many, many more birthdays with you. Also, we hope that everyone out there is safe (it's not all about you Jeff) and we hope the storm is over ASAP.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Love My Kids More Than You.... and surrogacy...

I'm in no way saying that I love my kids more than you love yours, just that I love mine more cause well, they are mine... and I don't love yours more than you either, that would be creepy. Well unless you are Jeff, then I definitely love your kids more than you.

So yes, I love them. I'm blessed to have them. And in some ways I'm glad that these are my only ones. No, I don't want more kids... its just that my uterus likes to complain sometimes (yes, I'm surprised too since she wasn't too keen on the whole pregnancy business to begin with, but alas...) she even offered herself for me to rent her out... she thinks she is the only one who gets to decide ... well she held the power once, NOT anymore, gwaa hahhaha hah.

Anyway, I was watching some show where surrogacy was mentioned and it got me thinking. Would I have done that? Nope. But? What if I had to use a surrogate and get these same two kiddos that I now love more than life itself? Well, I wouldn't know them so I suppose that my answer would still be no. And then of course I wondered... would I like to be a surrogate? Still probably not. I believe its an amazing gift for my infertile sisters but unless I know you and love you (like a lot) I wouldn't do it for you. Am I selfish? Exactly that. I am unable to imagine myself going through a pregnancy and not keeping that baby. But then of course, I also know your dreams and hopes and can't imagine not giving you the chance to love your kid more than me. So either I stalk you for life or I just don't do it. This was never an option by the way... this is just hypothetical.. but I'm glad I never had to make the choice. (Mom and Jeff, you can breathe)

I do, however, read a few surrogacy blogs and even though I don't know your pain of giving up that miracle I know the love from the other woman, so thank you. Thank you for allowing them to love their kids more than anyone else, and for being so brave.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm on some kind of vacation...

.... from house management.

Since I've been home, I've decided I am the House Manager. Is there a difference between now and when I was working? No... this is just more full day/night time  and official. Well that..... and I want a title darn it!

Anyway, after the kids birthday they decided to get a cold and to turn up their crankiness. So I, like any understanding boss, gave myself a vacation no questions asked. I know... you are jealous.  I am a pretty cool boss... errr don't ask Jeff though, you know there is always one who doesn't appreciate a manager's authority. And yes, technically I should write him up or give him a warning of insubordination but like in any other workplace... we happen to be the two with the inappropriate office romance. What can say? I am a shameless boss. No worries though, the President and Vice President of the house (Noah and Natalia) are quite OK with this romance, they find it makes me more... uhh... efficient. They even gave me a raise. I get way more hugs and kisses than before, woot woot!

But back to this vacation... what exactly is different? Well yes, I am home STILL, taking care of the kids and even MORE now with that cranked up cranky behaviour, and cooking and doing dishes and all that... this is starting to sound not-so-good so I'm going to stop now before I start hating on my boss, so moving on.... BIG DRUM ROLL: 1-No laundry! Wooohooo! OK, so I realize this may not be a big deal to you but not doing laundry right now with these two hanging on me like little monkeys is a big deal... 2-Not picking up after their toys.... if they see them and want to play I say GO. 3- I'm blogging... cause you and I both know its ALL their fault that I'm not around. 4-More TV and 5-More reading on my Kindle. There.... that's all. That was the whole big deal. Whatever, at least I wrote something this time instead of posting a ton of pics ;)

Friday, October 12, 2012

They are TWO!!!

My, my... how quickly they grow...

My little Angel Noah and little devilish Angel Natalia turned 2 on Monday.
And what did they do for the big day? They went pumpkin picking, then out to eat then had their birthday cake cut with us and their grandparents... BUT before that they had a little cake cutting on Saturday also. We opted out of a big party but had their immediate first cousins with their parents and their grandparents to share their pre-birthday with.

The kids sure enjoyed all the attention. And the presents, of course. And since they are obsessed with Minnie and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I decorated a corner for them to take pictures and to set the cake. Let me tell you, they are still going crazy over it... at this point I think I might be dreaming of Minnie every darn hot dog night!

Anyway, here are those two old farts:
Saturday 10/06

Daddy and his girl

Mommy and her boy
 Cake, cake, cake!
And more cake!
We also celebrated my sister and my brother-in-law's
20th wedding anniversary
On their actual birthday
Monday 10/08

And later that day....

It's my birthday!
No, it's my birthday!
Then why is there only one cake?
Cause Mommy said if we share a belly we share a cake...
That's going to get old soon...

Happy Birthday Natalia, I love you!

I love you too Noah, Happy Birthday!
... Man I really wanna lick your cake...

Grandpa Pedro, Tim, Natalia, Noah, Grandma Paddie and Grandma Joyce

The whole family:
Jeff, Shanny, Natalia, Noah,
Mickey, Minnie and Daisy...