Twin Belly

This is the #1 "search" I get on my blog...

So you wanna know what at Twin belly looks like during each phase, huh?
Yeah, so did I... none of the ones I saw prepared me enough for my own,
but here ya go....
First Belly Pic was at 9 weeks:
(didn't want to jinx myself before)

15 Weeks:
Week 18:

Week 19:
Week 20:
Week 21:
Week 22:
Week 23:
Week 24:
I KNOW!!!!
Week 26:
Week 27:
(Already home on bedrest)

Week 28:
Week 29:

Week 30:

Week 31:
Week 32:
Week 33:

Week 34:
Week 35:

Week 36:

Week 37:
Day of birth at 37 weeks 6 days:
Out of the Belly:

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  1. Omg...You are the cutest pregnant Mommy I have ever seen! The twins are beautiful :-)


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