Thursday, June 17, 2010

I had a date with my ex-lover

After Jeff left for work yesterday, I hurried up to go meet up with DC.

It was really nice to catch up and to get intimate once again, you know, for old times sake. It really only lasted about 30 seconds but it was wonderful.

DC a.k.a. Dildo Cam and I had an ongoing affair for quite some time. You may or may not remember reading about it, all I know is I felt like he was seeing other women so I cut him out of my life completely... until yesterday. And let me tell you, it was the best encounter yet!

Before we became, ahem, intimate, I did get a chance to have a normal over the tummy ultrasound. The tech (Heather) showed me the babies and I can tell by their expressions that they were quite happy to see mommy. How do I know? Well because those 2 fresh kids of mine did what they always do: showed me their little "thingys" first! As soon as they are born, I'm going to have to teach them to stop flashing people. Wicked little twins!

Now back to the good stuff, she also checked my cervix from the tummy ultrasound, which was the main reason for my appointment, and was happy with it. But its mandatory to do a vaginal ultrasound at this point in pregnancy to see what's up with the cervix. Before the dildo cam made his entrance, she was telling me that my cervix was "Gorgeous", that in all her years she never saw such a long cervix and that it was "absolutely stunning". Why thank you, I'm pretty proud myself :)

She then left to get a doctor while I undressed to better flash them (I learned from my kids), and when they returned she showed the doctor my cervix and he said "wow, that's a great cervix!" she in turn responded "its impressive, isn't it?", and they smiled at each other while I blushed. Less than 30 seconds I tell ya and good bye dildo cam.

By the way, a long cervix means that there is a GREAT chance of pre-term labor NOT happening, which is wonderful for a twin pregnancy. On the other hand, a long cervix also means a greater chance of having to have a C-section (for single or multiple pregnancy), which just upped my already high chances of that happening. I guess we will see.... as long as they are born healthy, I'll take whatever comes my way....... And then I'll put some clothes on them so they can cut back on the flashing =)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Now Playing: 4D Babies... with extra scenes... (get your own popcorn)

Who wants to see see our Alien Babies in 4D?????
Ok, that's a given I know, but now you can see them too!
We went yesterday to a 4D ultrasound facility to get video and pics of the twins at 21 weeks (out of pocket), and it includes another session later on in the pregnancy, cool right? (say yes)

And because we are so nice and very proud parents we are sharing with the Internet world. Admission ticket: $0.00. But it will take up your time so I'm giving you some options...
You can see:
1-The videos we took so that you can hear all the madness that we were saying. They are long so I don't expect you to watch them.
I'm not including the DVD given to us because the file is way too big.
2-The bonus: pics right on your screen of the babies and my 19 & 20 weeks belly pics.
You are welcome =)

Option #1:

Starring: Our Twins!
Background commentary provided by:
Ultrasound technician
Jeff's mom
My mom and dad
My sister Jenny.

The first video is our son.

The second video is our daughter:

Option #2:

Our Daughter

Our Son

My 19 week belly pic

My 20 week belly pic

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I know I'm pregnant but am I REALLY pregnant? Like really, really?

Today I'm 20 weeks or 5 months pregnant, allegedly......

Even though I'm more than halfway there (for twins), I cannot believe that I am pregnant. In my head I still don't know that I am pregnant, Ok, I know but I don't know know. So far I haven't experienced that "holy crap" moment....

Not when I was puking my guts out.
Not when I see my belly growing about an inch every second.
Not when I prick my fingers & follow a strict diet to deal with Gestational Diabetes.
Not when I pee a million times a day and night. Especially night.
Not when I feel them moving.
Not when I see them during the ultrasounds.
Not at all.

I'm just here, easy peasy growing two humans like nothing happened. And I do mean that. I feel like I'm one of the most graceful pregnant women out there, of course the fact that I don't "know I am" might have something to do with it, but I am pretty good considering....I think. Am I looking for a pat on the back for being a good girl? Not really, but I wouldn't mind it.... (Jeff). I'm just so blessed and thankful for these babies that I imagine if anyone asked me how I was doing while puking I'd be giving them the biggest (disgusting) smile of my life with two thumbs up. That being said, I'm not into puking anymore so don't be scared to ask.

I wonder, would I have been like this had I not struggled with infertility for so long? I probably don't want to know the answer.... I just need to get myself in gear and knock it into my head that I am expecting. And if you think its bad that I don't know I am pregnant don't even ask about the fact that they are: A- Twins and B- Boy and Girl. I mean, get outta here! There is no way, no way!!!

Of course none of that stops me from being scared. I haven't made one purchase for them yet, not one. Don't get me wrong I'm incredibly attached and in love but I guess I feel like it would be a jinx, I don't know. I can't exactly blame any of this on pregnancy brain or even my prolactin brain tumor, my brain is just plain twisted. I'm petrified of making a commitment of something I don't know even know is happening to me, God help me!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

THE WINNER IS...... and completely unrelated, check out my kids too!

Comment number 14

She is now the proud owner of this ipod cozy:

Lots of thanks to my sister-in-law Zaira for making it for me (and Tiffany)
If you feel left out feel free to check out her etsy store, just clicky on her name =)

Oh, and check out the new u/s pics from today at 19 weeks 4 days
to the top right of your screen ~~~~>
Everything is great:
 Girl's heartbeat was at 130bpm
Boy's heartbeat was at 136bpm

And once again congrats to Tiffany!!!