Sunday, June 13, 2010

Now Playing: 4D Babies... with extra scenes... (get your own popcorn)

Who wants to see see our Alien Babies in 4D?????
Ok, that's a given I know, but now you can see them too!
We went yesterday to a 4D ultrasound facility to get video and pics of the twins at 21 weeks (out of pocket), and it includes another session later on in the pregnancy, cool right? (say yes)

And because we are so nice and very proud parents we are sharing with the Internet world. Admission ticket: $0.00. But it will take up your time so I'm giving you some options...
You can see:
1-The videos we took so that you can hear all the madness that we were saying. They are long so I don't expect you to watch them.
I'm not including the DVD given to us because the file is way too big.
2-The bonus: pics right on your screen of the babies and my 19 & 20 weeks belly pics.
You are welcome =)

Option #1:

Starring: Our Twins!
Background commentary provided by:
Ultrasound technician
Jeff's mom
My mom and dad
My sister Jenny.

The first video is our son.

The second video is our daughter:

Option #2:

Our Daughter

Our Son

My 19 week belly pic

My 20 week belly pic


  1. Aww they are so cute! You are looking great too!

  2. Wow, that is amazing!! They are beutiful!!

  3. Aww I love it!! And your daughter is smiling in the last picture. Too precious! :)

  4. These are amazing memories, love them!
    4D ultrasounds are on my top list now :)

  5. Just checking in ... I'm so behind on my reader and I see these adorable little babies! And, you look fabulous, too! SOOOO Happy for you!

    Winks & Smiles,

  6. Shan thank you for making me share this wonderful moment with you and jeff luv my niece & nephew was a nice experiance <3

    Tia YAYA

  7. You look AWESOME & the video & pics are so cute!!! I love the 3D images, they are the best!

  8. These were really cool to watch, from a non-mother's perspective! I watched the videos, I skipped some parts because of the length but it was great!
    I laughed when you said 'dont make me come in there' well I think that was you I'm not sure, it was funny!
    I will definitely have to this 4D when my turn comes.

  9. I loved these! Your twins are adorable and so is your belly =)

  10. Amazing!
    I can't imagine how the next 4D ultrasound will be, you said it was paid by you right? Its so worth it!

    It will be so great when they are older and you are able to show them. Wow!

  11. Oh my God Shanny these are awesome!
    Your belly is adorable and your babies are adorable, thanks for sharing the 4D pics and videos, incredible how clear you can see them!

  12. Vey cute pictures and videos!!!! Thank you for sharing :D And you look so great by the way!!!!!!


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