Thursday, January 31, 2013

Twins Shenanigans


*Changed their last name to Banana. They, especially Noah, will switch our last names and start calling out: Noah Banana, Mommy Banana, Daddy Banana, Natty Banana!
*Have a strong grasp on the meaning of MINE.
*Have named their parts: Noah calls his "this" or "good stuff". Natalia calls hers "baby."
*Like to call me "Bad Mommy" when they don't get their way.
*Like to call Jeff "MommyDaddy" to get a fun reaction out of him.
*They are Master Manipulators. They know how use the full power of hugs, kisses and I love yous to get what they want.
*Have decided nap time is not needed. They still do, but boy do they fight it.
*Noah makes houses out of blocks and call them "Grandma's house" or "castles." Natalia separates the blocks in groups of colors or letters and makes double decker "trains"
*Love ketchup, cheese and grapes. Not together.
*Like jumping into our bed and under the blankets and pretend to sleep.
*Hang their heads down when they are yelled at.
*Call cakes: Happy Cake.
*They count to 12, sometimes 15. English & Spanish.
*Enjoy tackling each other and throwing themselves to the floor. Yes, I cringe but they laugh, so they get to play.
*Kiss themselves in the mirror and call their reflections Baby Natty & Baby Noah.
*Like singing their ABC's, Happy Birthday and Wheels on the Bus songs.
And finally,
*They love their Mommy and Daddy. Not exactly mind-blowing but a fact I like a lot.
Oh, and fact: they were literally made 3 years ago yesterday in a petri dish.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Worth Every Moment... the Interview...

Hey guys, this time around I bring you Brenna from Worth Every Moment a.k.a. Baby Steps- Life as a parent. She is a Mom of two, she is a crafter, and a loser... of baby weight! ;)

Tell us about your blog
My blog is titled "Worth Every Moment" because I initially intended for it to be a blog about parenthood, pregnancy, and the like. And I am a big believer in keeping a positive attitude about these things, because otherwise, the little frustrations and stresses will take over! Children are meant to be enjoyed, and I feel very blessed to have mine! Time has changed the blog, however, and I spend more time (at least lately) writing about my weight-loss journey. But, I want to get back into writing more about other things as well, like crafting! Someone needs to hold me to it!

When did we first "meet"?
I'm thinking it was probably on the through can't remember! Help me, Shanny!

What is the best weight loss advice you can give other Moms?
There is no "perfect way" to lose weight. What works for one person might not work for you. Also, there is a difference between something that is healthy and something that will make you lose weight. Try to learn the difference!

What /who are your inspirations?
In life, my family members are definitely my inspiration. For exercise, Mama Laughlin. For crafting – PINTEREST!!!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or blogging? or All?
Yeah….I don’t even know what Instagram IS really…twitter would be useless for me….so I vote facebook and blogging!
How do you find time to do craft projects? Which has been your favorite so far?
My favourite so far has been the felt playhouse I made for my kids this Christmas. They love to climb inside together and giggle! But it is hard to find time, especially with two destructive kids around, so the crafting I do tends to occur once they are in bed!
What are your goals for the new year?
My maternity leave is over, so a big goal is just to re-adjust to working, having two kids and still having time to do the things I need to do, and also the things that I enjoy. Also, to lose the little bit of weight I gained over Christmas, and to hopefully hit the 50-pound weightloss mark!!!
Thanks Brenna! Oh, we met...... I don't remember, that's why I asked :D... it's been a LOOOOONG time though... I think it was the And I haven't even on that in years so you are practically Internet family ;)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hmmm, cartoons...

Let's talk cartoons for a minute here.

I'm not bashing them, I love that the twins like them and that they learn a couple of things from them but I still have a few things to laugh at.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Minnie... why do you need help with counting 1 to 5 from my 2 year olds? You wear heels, you should be able to count.
Donald & Daisy... you walk around bottomless yet when you go to swim its all covered up. Is it about fashion then?
All of you (except Goofy)... when are you guys going to ever eat anything you've baked/prepared? You are all starving but as soon as you sit to eat you stand right back up to sing HOT DOG. I need the twins to see they shouldn't give me a hard time to eat. So... EAT!

Boots... really? you wear red boots but no other clothing... some might say you are a silly monkey :D
Dora... how old are you? how do you get to walk around the forest and whatever with your belly hanging out? Where are your parents? I know its a cartoon but I can't stop myself from wondering why her parents let her just chill out alone all the time.
Backpack... you are not actually eating the stuff, you are just storage, what's so delicioso about it? I need to know!!!

Super Why
How come you've never explained how you have the power to jump into books? I want the secret, I like it! Also, thanks for reinforcing all the letters/words and reading that I've taught the kids. When they know stuff you show them for the first time, I feel proud. Yes, I need you to pat me on the back when I'm done patting yours. Also, you are my favorite because you are very educational.

All of YOU,
Thanks for babysitting while I cook and read clean.
And thanks in advance for answering all of my burning questions. These things keep me up at night, ya know?

P.S. Anyone reading this (Mom)...No the kids don't watch much TV, ahem, like me. It's pretty much these shows because lets see... Mickey and the gang are cute and they talk colors, numbers & shape. Dora because she reinforces the Spanish I teach them, and Super Why because they are all about reading and teaching to spell. Otherwise, we are very involved parents. Except for when we are ignoring them.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Noah and Natalia have something to say too!

At their request I decided to go ahead and interview them....

Who is the best Mommy in the world?

Who do you love more: Mommy or Daddy?
Candy! Ice Cream!

What are your favorite words?
C*ck! .....I like how it goes tick tock... but I never remember that L ...
F*ck! .....It goes "ribbit ribbit" and it's green, I like to eat better with it than with a spoon, and people like to put it up to represent their countries, it has various meanings right mommy?  (hmmm I give up with these two, I only make it worse trying to fix it... they scream louder and with more excitement!) (fyi: clock, frog, fork, flag)

What are your favorite books?
Anyone with nice pictures.
Yes, so we can rip them to pieces!
And the ones with letters are cool too.
Yes, so I can scream them out at the top of my lungs!
Also, anyone we can't eat anymore. I did that when I was a baby, not sure why, it's not candy.
No, you can't eat it but you can bite pieces off with your teeth, come Noah I'll show you.

What's your name?
(they are so smart!)

What are the days of the week?
Mmmday, day!, tuhday!, wowday!, 2day!, Feeday!, day!, ::eye rolls:: stop Mommy! (true answers)

Where is Daddy?

How many days in a week?
They are all days Mom, give it up already.
Seven, done!

Where does Santa live?
Noooo pole!
Pole! (maybe he is a stripper?)

How many numbers are there?
Eight, nine, ten! (she loves to count everything with these 3 numbers, all day long)

What's your favorite toy?
Noah! he is the best life toy Mommy and Daddy ever gave me!

What is...?
Done! ::raises hands to say stop::
Done! ::Turns her back on me::

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


How bad is it that I have my kids play fetch so that I can drink coffee?

I collect a couple of balls and throw them down the hallway and make them bring the balls to me, while they are busy running back and forth I take a delicious sip of coffee. If I throw it far enough, I even get to close my eyes and enjoy that split second before having to guard the coffee mug from being hit with their almost perfect aims.

Today I even used the word "fetch," I almost hung my head in shame but then I looked at my coffee, thought about the past few nights I spent with feverish toddlers and decided since they were no longer sick it was OK for them to play "puppies." Not that I'm calling them puppies, but I figured if one of them want to be an actor later on in life, I'm helping them learn to play characters. And so I laughed and played fetch a few more times.

So, they learn to act, they get exercise and practice their aims, they laugh their butts off and I get caffeine into my system. Good mother all around, no? Ummm, this is where you say yes... and if you disagree I'll get them to throw the balls at your head :D