Friday, January 25, 2013

Hmmm, cartoons...

Let's talk cartoons for a minute here.

I'm not bashing them, I love that the twins like them and that they learn a couple of things from them but I still have a few things to laugh at.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Minnie... why do you need help with counting 1 to 5 from my 2 year olds? You wear heels, you should be able to count.
Donald & Daisy... you walk around bottomless yet when you go to swim its all covered up. Is it about fashion then?
All of you (except Goofy)... when are you guys going to ever eat anything you've baked/prepared? You are all starving but as soon as you sit to eat you stand right back up to sing HOT DOG. I need the twins to see they shouldn't give me a hard time to eat. So... EAT!

Boots... really? you wear red boots but no other clothing... some might say you are a silly monkey :D
Dora... how old are you? how do you get to walk around the forest and whatever with your belly hanging out? Where are your parents? I know its a cartoon but I can't stop myself from wondering why her parents let her just chill out alone all the time.
Backpack... you are not actually eating the stuff, you are just storage, what's so delicioso about it? I need to know!!!

Super Why
How come you've never explained how you have the power to jump into books? I want the secret, I like it! Also, thanks for reinforcing all the letters/words and reading that I've taught the kids. When they know stuff you show them for the first time, I feel proud. Yes, I need you to pat me on the back when I'm done patting yours. Also, you are my favorite because you are very educational.

All of YOU,
Thanks for babysitting while I cook and read clean.
And thanks in advance for answering all of my burning questions. These things keep me up at night, ya know?

P.S. Anyone reading this (Mom)...No the kids don't watch much TV, ahem, like me. It's pretty much these shows because lets see... Mickey and the gang are cute and they talk colors, numbers & shape. Dora because she reinforces the Spanish I teach them, and Super Why because they are all about reading and teaching to spell. Otherwise, we are very involved parents. Except for when we are ignoring them.


  1. I never understood the Donald & Daisy point...

    but then again, aren't all cartoons weird?

    1. lol yes they are.... is that why we grow up and become weirdos? ;)

  2. I agree! Most of the cartoons don't make a lot of sense!

  3. OMG... Everything you've written is so true.

  4. This HILARIOUS! I'm so glad other parents are wondering the same thing. This post goes down in history as one of the greatest ever! (Besides all of the posts with your adorable kiddos.)


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