Monday, January 14, 2013

Noah and Natalia have something to say too!

At their request I decided to go ahead and interview them....

Who is the best Mommy in the world?

Who do you love more: Mommy or Daddy?
Candy! Ice Cream!

What are your favorite words?
C*ck! .....I like how it goes tick tock... but I never remember that L ...
F*ck! .....It goes "ribbit ribbit" and it's green, I like to eat better with it than with a spoon, and people like to put it up to represent their countries, it has various meanings right mommy?  (hmmm I give up with these two, I only make it worse trying to fix it... they scream louder and with more excitement!) (fyi: clock, frog, fork, flag)

What are your favorite books?
Anyone with nice pictures.
Yes, so we can rip them to pieces!
And the ones with letters are cool too.
Yes, so I can scream them out at the top of my lungs!
Also, anyone we can't eat anymore. I did that when I was a baby, not sure why, it's not candy.
No, you can't eat it but you can bite pieces off with your teeth, come Noah I'll show you.

What's your name?
(they are so smart!)

What are the days of the week?
Mmmday, day!, tuhday!, wowday!, 2day!, Feeday!, day!, ::eye rolls:: stop Mommy! (true answers)

Where is Daddy?

How many days in a week?
They are all days Mom, give it up already.
Seven, done!

Where does Santa live?
Noooo pole!
Pole! (maybe he is a stripper?)

How many numbers are there?
Eight, nine, ten! (she loves to count everything with these 3 numbers, all day long)

What's your favorite toy?
Noah! he is the best life toy Mommy and Daddy ever gave me!

What is...?
Done! ::raises hands to say stop::
Done! ::Turns her back on me::


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