Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who done it? Who beat me with the SICK stick???

I demand answers... in written from though cause I have no voice.

There is FIRE in my throat. There is a volcano eruption going on in there and I can barely breathe without wincing... it hurts like a and I don't like it! I know this goes without saying but I have to say it anyway, I just don't like it. Being sick sucks...

You know who like it even less? The kids. They are running around giving me attitude. And rightfully so since I am refusing to hug them and kiss them. Natalia keeps trying to jump me and hangs her head down in such a sad way when I move her away and Noah gives me these hurt looks in his eyes when I tell him no to his kiss attempts. They break my heart. But what can I do? I keep crossing my fingers so they don't get sick too but since they are home all day with me, we shall see how that goes. I'm trying to disinfect everything and keep them at a distance but I still have to pick them up to change them and whatnot. I don't wish this on my worst enemy so my treasures better not get it.

The good thing? I know my Mommy look works. Since I can't yell at them, I've been giving them the Mommy evil look when they are being naughty and they listen. This I like. A lot.

And to those who are awaiting my email, I will get to you I promise. Right now my miserable lonely spot on the couch is all I can hope for until Jeff gets home from work. I cannot think clearly but when I do I will email you, thanks!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Interview with Jeff...

I'm going to post a series of interviews with awesome people and I thought I'd start with Jeff...
It's mainly for bloggers but I'm going to add an exception or two.

Take Jeff for example, he is not a blogger but he is a blogger lover so he is in... yay!
(If you are interested in being one of my victims just let me know!)

So.... Jeff,  Hi ;)

- Why me? And no other woman in the whole world? (Ignore the gun on your head)

Well, because Shanny Said So!

You first captured me with your inviting smile and I loved that you laughed at my jokes.  From there, I realized you were worth keeping as you have above average intelligence, a great sense of humor, and could potentially teach me spanish in the future.  Sure, there were countless other women I could have chosen to make miserable, but I had the sense that you were the only one worth making miserable...for life! :)

- Describe yourself in 3 words.


- How is it being a father of twins?

It's a blessing...I love it even more since they started playing together for longer periods of time, thus freeing me up so I can respond to the numerous internet interviews I receive on a daily basis!  Being the father of twins feels like heaven...if we would've had triplets, I think I actually WOULD have died and gone to heaven.  It is exhausting but worth every second.  I live to see their smiles and hear their laughter.

- Why don't you blog?

Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too lazy, and I'd be too easily offended if I spent an hour thinking of a thought and got too few responses lol.  If I had a blog, I would probably be forced to pay people to read and comment so they could at least outnumber the spammers!

- Speak the thruth... are you planning on divorcing me?

I don't plan on it, however my Dad has been married 4 times and people say I'm just like him.  So watch your back Shanny...Hmmm...let's keep it real, even if I wanted to "plan it", do you really think I'd be organized enough to pull it off? You'd have to do it for me! At the end of the day, who else is gonna pick up my socks and put my cups in the sink???  Or even better, ahem, of course not sweetheart, the only thing I'm planning is loving you even more with every passing year :)

- Did you know that you are my favorite person?

I'd better be for all the stuff I put up with! Which is not much of course... Dear...

- Why are you so hard to control?

Because medically speaking, I'm hard of hearing and can't remember anything I agree to.  Duh...

- How do you feel about another set of twins?

Depends.  If they're females that are sexy and over 21, and I've got your approval, sounds great to me.  If you are serious about another set of twin kids, then I will divorce you.  However, I will pay child support.  I'm no deadbeat Dad!

- Have you ever... What was the last book you read?

"Can't you sleep, Little Bear?".  I can't believe I actually started a book and finished it!  (Mind you, it's for toddlers and you can count the number of pages on your hands lol).

- Which 3 celebrities am I supposed to give you a pass with?

Penelope Cruz
Jessica Alba
A younger Catherine Zeta Jones

- Tell me something funny about you and the kids...

No matter how much we love to drive you crazy, we love you.  And there is nothing funny about that...ok, can I get back to my sports now???

Thursday, November 22, 2012

If you know the Happy Birthday song...

...then "hear" this with that tune:

~~Happy Birthday to me! Happy Turkey to me!
Happy Turkey Birthday, Gobble, Gobble to Meeeeeee!~~

Today everyone in the US is going to celebrate my turkey birthday and get fat right by my side. So thank you. I'm thankful I wont be the only one stuffing my face. If everyone is doing it... and everyone gains the same couple of pounds then there is no harm. Woot, woot!

Today I'm thankful for... Well, I'm just thankful. I don't have needs for reasons, I just am.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christian Grey...

Yay or Nay?

I have not read these books, no shade of it.
I'm not sure if to give in or not.
I'm not prude, my innocent eyes will survive... I think.
I went to buy the trilogy but read some reviews and some people had nothing nice to say...
And that turned me off... (weird... considering the books)
But maybe they are just haters..... right?
What do you think?
Is 50 shades of Grey worth my time?
I've heard many babies being born from this... and if that happens I'll be pissed with the author for not sharing before my IVF, and also probably suing my Doc for a faulty tube job... (cha-ching!)
But do share, yes, no, maybe? And WHY? or Why not?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mommy Mode? Anyone?

One week from today...
Yes, it's Thanksgiving... but stop thinking about you for a minute and concentrate on me, kay? Thanks!

So, one week from today, I turn 23... you can flip those two numbers around if you want to keep me honest, whatever.  But, here comes my honesty: I don't feel like 32 is right. I have no idea where the past 2 years went. Last I know, like for sure, was that I was a humongous pregnant 29 year old, then like 1 1/2 month after the twins were born I supposedly turned 30 and then I forgot everything else. Conveniently you might say, I just think it was survival mode or I'm just plain stuck in my own mind. (Yeahh, probably the later choice.) Or, OR...

Or is it a Mommy mode thing that's out there and no one told me about? I swear, I feel like time stopped for me. Not for the kids though, never that. With them time flies at Cheetah speed, they are two so obviously time does past... but for me too? Really? I'm so engrossed in them that I think my life is all about them, which it is, but I probably shouldn't forget my own life. I don't remember anything that I wanted to do before 30.. or before 32 which is the actual number... not that I had a list going but that isn't the point.

I'm probably not even fun anymore... I probably only talk about them (like right now) and I have no idea I'm doing it. I probably would be teeny tiny bit more interesting with a little more life experience if I was working but I'm enjoying them way too much to actually care about that part. I'm all about playing with them, teaching them, and changing their diapers. Fun, yes. But I should probably try to accomplish more, no?

I suppose I have a lot of catching up to do in order to get to my right age... the again, who the heck wants to feel older? Not that I want to look back and think of myself of just a Mommy stuck in a Mommy's world but for now the 30's seem far, far away... and that feels good.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Need a Chuckle?

Right now there is snow outside...
It's not right after all our areas have gone through but who can tell mother nature that?
Anyway, I needed a bit of a laugh and found a lil something that I thought I could share.

These are two cell phone claims that actually happened, er, no comment...

1- One man lost his iPhone in the back end of a cow... using the torch to see inside.... Hmmmm....
2- One woman had to put in a claim because the vibration function stopped working after too many uses... umm, bow chicka wow wow?

And that's it...
What do you want? I only said chuckle.. ;)