Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who done it? Who beat me with the SICK stick???

I demand answers... in written from though cause I have no voice.

There is FIRE in my throat. There is a volcano eruption going on in there and I can barely breathe without wincing... it hurts like a and I don't like it! I know this goes without saying but I have to say it anyway, I just don't like it. Being sick sucks...

You know who like it even less? The kids. They are running around giving me attitude. And rightfully so since I am refusing to hug them and kiss them. Natalia keeps trying to jump me and hangs her head down in such a sad way when I move her away and Noah gives me these hurt looks in his eyes when I tell him no to his kiss attempts. They break my heart. But what can I do? I keep crossing my fingers so they don't get sick too but since they are home all day with me, we shall see how that goes. I'm trying to disinfect everything and keep them at a distance but I still have to pick them up to change them and whatnot. I don't wish this on my worst enemy so my treasures better not get it.

The good thing? I know my Mommy look works. Since I can't yell at them, I've been giving them the Mommy evil look when they are being naughty and they listen. This I like. A lot.

And to those who are awaiting my email, I will get to you I promise. Right now my miserable lonely spot on the couch is all I can hope for until Jeff gets home from work. I cannot think clearly but when I do I will email you, thanks!


  1. My poor poor baby. Hoping with all my heart u feel better soon. Love you, Mom.

  2. Oh man! Hope you feel better. I heard wine makes everything better.

    1. Thanks...
      Jeff did bring home wine last night, hmmm...

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! AND YES, you should get Instagram. It's pretty cool :)

  4. Yuck! I hope you're feeling better by now!


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