Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas in Pictures

Christmas Eve at midnight

Having Fun with a couple of presents...
at a reasonable hour

Some of my DIY decor

Natalia's DIY project with Mommy
We used old Christmas cards & ribbons to make wall decor
And our holiday card
Hope you had a good one!

Monday, December 17, 2012

In Her Shoes and Through Her Lens... the Interview

So this time I get to share my interview with one of the first bloggers I ever started reading.
Her blog had me at "Shoes" and has continued to entertain me with her absolutely honest thoughts of being a wife, a mommy AND a photographer. I even followed her to Wordpress when she moved there, traitor! But its not just her thoughts that are worth checking out, she takes AMAZING photographs and if I didn't live so far, I probably would hire her to take pictures of the twins every other month... so Jeff and my bank account are probably happy about the distance. Here she is:

Hi Guys,
Andrea here from "In Her Shoes and Through Her Lens". Long title, hey? Well, I'm a photographer and I love shoes so there ya go! :) I'm a wife to a firefigher (no, the novelty has not worn off!) and mama to two kiddos - Eli who is 2 1/2 and Gabriella who just turned a year. I'm a stay-at-home-mom who runs her business when the babes nap and while my days are crazy and hectic, I love every minute of it!

Which do you enjoy buying more: Shoes, Cameras or Books?
HARDEST QUESTION EVER!!! I guess I'd have to say cameras. I get a rush out of buying all of them but there's nothing like purchasing a new piece of equipment that will take countless amazing images for years to come. I'll never say no to a new pair of shoes though ;)

What would you tell yourself about being a Mommy if you were able to go back three years in time?
I would tell myself, "You will be pushed to your limit in every way possible. You will love like you never loved before. Get angry like you've never been angry before. Become frustrated like you've never been frustrated before. But it's all worth it. You know you're going to love your kids but you will not truly comprehend that love until you feel it with every fiber of your being. Also, don't be surprised if your perspective on things change. You will consider things that never crossed your mind before - natural remedies, new eating habits, parenting styles. You'll never be the same a good way though".
Best memory so far of your adorable Eli and beautiful Gabriella?
Ah, there are so many. It was a bittersweet moment, but I'd have to say the last time I nursed Eli will always be with me. We had a long, painful journey and I made it to 7 1/2 months but that last time was still really sad for me. I cried so hard that night. I don't want to hold on to that sadness but I do want to remember that special bond we had. With Gabriella, I think I'll always smile thinking about how she interacts and laughs with her older brother. I can't explain the joy of watching these two grow up together. I grew up as the only child so it's really amazing for me to see sibling interaction.
What's your secret to losing your baby weight? Because you know: I hate you (with love!)
Hehe....oh, it takes a TON of discipline. I really wish I could say I was one of those mamas who saw the baby weight disappear with no effort but that's far from the truth. Like most people, I adore pizza, chocolate and wine and it takes a lot of self control to say no to those things. The majority of my time I spend eating Paleo, which is basically food in it's natural form. I don't eat bread, beans or other processed foods. I track my food intake using an app called My Fitness Pal and try to keep my carb intake under 20% of my daily diet. So that means I eat a lot of protein and healthy fats - eggs, coconut oil, grass fed beef, avocado (I LOVE avocado...I eat one every day!) and nuts. Honestly, it isn't a "diet" to's how I always intent to eat regardless if I want to lose weight or not. I can really feel a difference in my mental alertness, energy level and mood. I believe this is how we as humans were intended to eat and I can't see myself or my family straying away from this way of life. Don't get me wrong WILL see me eating pizza and sipping on a glass of wine occasionally ;)
Being married to a twin: weird or cool?
At first I was kind of freaked out by the idea. I had this horrible fear that I would go to my then -boyfriend's house and accidentally put the moves on his brother! (They were roommates). But within a couple weeks of dating, I realized that while they might look alike, they are such different people! Today, it barely registers in my mind that they are so similar in looks and I'm totally cool with it.
Favorite TV show? 
Of all time? Friends! Currently, I'm obsessed with The Bachelor (when it's on), Sister Wives and Modern Family. Random, I know.
Vampires or werewolfs?
Ooooh, dang, Team Edward all the way! Did you see Breaking Dawn Part 2?! He's so hot, I can't stand it ;)
How did you get into Photography?
 I actually worked for 5 years at a photography studio throughout high school and college. But this was one of those places with the dorky backgrounds and weird poses. At the time I did mostly administrative work and album designing but I found myself studying the images my boss would take at weddings. I never really gave a thought to becoming a photographer though, even after I purchased my first DSLR. But I will say that when I bought my first camera, I swore to myself that I would learn everything about it and not be one of those people who thought the camera did all the work. I simply cannot tell you how many hours/days/weeks I have put into studying, learning and practicing since 2008. My first client inquiries actually came to me...I never sought them out, which was probably the push I needed. After I became restless in corporate America, got sidetracked off another potential career path and had the urge to be my own boss, I started a legitimate photography business. I feel corny saying this but I truly believe this is the path I'm supposed to be on, regardless of the ups and downs it has.
What inspires you the most in your work?
I know the PC thing would be to say my children but that's not true. They hate the camera right now! One day I know they will be the reason I pull my camera out but right I get inspired by so many other things - a piece of old furniture, a stunning sunset over a field, a couple in love, a newborn baby, raw emotion of new parents or a couple in love. I think when I go to a photoshoot and see a family so in love with each other, I'm inspired to be the best photographer I can.
Tell us about your photography business!
What else can I add? I suppose you should come on over to my site, and check out my work. Right now I work mostly with newborns, young children and families but recently found a strong love for high school seniors. My husband encouraged me to try it out and at first I didn't think it was something I wanted to pursue. But I'm so glad I listened because working with teenagers, laughing with them and hearing all about their future goals really makes my day! Plus, they take direction pretty well so I get like 300 amazing images from one session! That's quite a treat after working with 2 year olds the majority of the time ;) To end, I'll say that being your own boss is quite the personal journey. At first you work simply to get known, then you work to make money so you can afford equipment and classes, but then you find yourself at a point that you work because you LOVE it and you LOVE the feeling you get when you make a client happy. Every time I send off a final disk to a client, I think about how much they trusted me to capture their family's memories at this point in time and I'm incredibly humbled and honored. I'm blessed to do what I do.
Thank You Andrea!
Lets see.... Discipline? that explains it..., Friends? My number one favorite too, Did I see Breaking Dawn 2? Umm, is the Pope Catholic? YES, and it totally had me going ;)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Killed That B...

That B... being my inner Goddess.


Because of Anastasia Steele. And let me tell you I didn't even know I had an inner Goddess but in case she decided to come out and annoy me, I killed her.

So, I gave in and I'm reading 50 Shades of Grey. Edward and Bella Christian and Ana are okay-ish. Why didn't anyone warn me that it was Twilight characters minus Vampires and supernatural stuff? (well, with some added xxx) I had no idea of this going in that I would encounter the same Mr. Greek-God-copper hair- Crooked smiled-Extra millionaire- adopted kid- who disarms anyone who looks at him and is fascinated by clumsy-mousy-brunette-shy-virgin-whose parents are pretty much Bella's parents- that doesn't understand the effect she has on Christian, and it kept me distracted the whole time instead of getting into this story.

 I'm not done with the first book yet but I had to share my annoyance. Not because of the characters, I just didn't know to expect this but I can live with that. But Ana's inner Goddess? I want to shoot her. Must she Gasp! her thoughts so often and THEN say what she thought again? I swear this book would have 50% less words if the inner goddess didn't show up every other line to repeat what we already read word for word. If/when I ignore her, I get into the story and am interested enough to know what happens but every so often I just want to put my kindle on the floor and jump on it.

If you like the inner goddess, I'm happy for you because she sure pops up a lot. I'm not trying to tell you to hate her too, I just can't deal with her. In the beginning, I thought it was cute but now... grrr. That's it that's all I had to say. Except for... yes, I'm still going to finish reading it. And no, I don't have a gun on my head but I had a bone to pick and I'm picking it, and now I can move on ;)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Just Can't Wrap My Head Around That...

1- Today is my grandfather's funeral.
2- His cousin (another grandfather) also passed away yesterday. This makes 5 deaths in my family this year.
3- The innocent souls in Connecticut that were lost. This... I.Do.Not.Understand. :'(

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Very sad...

R.I.P. "Daddy" a.k.a. my grandfather.

He has been sick for a very long time and passed away last night in his sleep. His infectious joy will surely be missed and all of the wonderful memories he shared with everyone he crossed path with will live in our hearts forever.

We love you Daddy, may you rest in peace....

Monday, December 10, 2012

This Is The Journey God Chose... the Interview!

And do you know what journey that is?
A Twin Momma PREGNANT with another baby (just one this time) (Phew!) My bloggy friend Kandice agreed to be my new victim, she blogs over at This is the Journey God Chose and thank goodness for her fellow Mommy of multiples she isn't afraid to share how hard AND awesome life with twins can be. Enjoy!

Well hello. My name is Kandice. I am a 30 year old mother to two monsters wonderful 17 month old twin boys. We are about to welcome our 3rd boy in less than four weeks. And the answer is yes we are absolutely nuts! Our life is full of crazy, but we love every minute of it. I originally started blogging about my wonderful inability of my lady parts to do the one thing they were meant for. Our twins were conceived through IVF after 3.2 years. The 3rd you might ask? Yep, pure accident and blessing. Now I’m lucky if I have time, energy, or life in me to write about the daily debacles as a twin mom.

Being a Mommy of twins... describe it!
I’m not sure I even know where to begin. I think a good way to describe it is a catch 22. While it is a HUGE blessing it also comes with a lot of responsibility/work that most people can’t even begin to understand. Let’s pick some words that I think describe it best. Love, confinement, rich, broke, hilarious, overwhelming, miraculous, exhausting and really most of all it’s just double of everything. I could focus on the negatives of the double, but for today I will choose the positives. I get double the kisses, double the hugs, double the “mommies”, double the smiles, double the giggles, and double the joy of seeing their love for me. TWINS ROCK!

Do you have any phobias?
Sadly enough, yes. It’s kind of a weird one, but I’m afraid of elevators. Funny because I have to take one up to the 23rd floor every day. I’m not sure why I’m so scared of them. I’ve never had a tramatic experience (knock on wood here) with them. I just have this fear of getting stuck in it or it dropping. Hey I never said I wasn’t a little strange at times.

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Today I’m going with indecisiveness. This probably actually changes daily, but my morning experience has led it to be this today. MAKE A DECISION PEOPLE! Thanks for letting me yell that out on your blog. I feel better now.

What was the last book you read?
I’m not much of a reader. Believe it or not (being a mom of twins) I’m actually a very impatient person. Hence why the above is probably my pet peeve. Anyway, I can’t tell you the last book I finished. I picked up Twilight while I was on bedrest for my embryo transfer and made it to Chapter 7. Then I picked up Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks the other day and made it to page 2. I prefer magazines with pretty pictures.

What's more likely: You are going to be super spoiled by your 3 boys or you are going to be the best slave they ever had?
I think you already know the answer to this question, but for the other readers out there, definitely going to be the best slave they ever had! I mean they already expect me to do all their laundry, cook all their meals, bathe them, change them and keep them entertained at all times. They are 1 ½. Can’t they do this for themselves yet?

When was the last time you went to the movies?
BAHAHAHA. What’s a movie? Even if we got a babysitter I think we would both rather spend our time sleeping. I really don’t think we have been since the twins were born.

What's the biggest difference with your twin pregnancy and your singleton pregnancy?
COMFORT! by far. I’m not sure people understand how miserable a twin pregnancy is. Not only did I throw up until 27 weeks, but it just hurt, everywhere, every day. The next would probably be the monitoring. I went twice a month with the twins and got ultrasounds constantly. A singleton is kind of boring. I’ve had two and only go once a month. Do they not care about this one too? Last would be the movements. I have now realized I didn’t know what it was like to feel a baby move inside you. The twins got so cramped so early on that they didn’t have much room. This kid on the other hand feels like he is going to crawl out of every area of my body.

How do you plan on surviving with twins and a baby?
I’m actually planning my funeral now. Ok I’m kidding obviously. Maybe. I actually really look forward to experiencing one baby. There was this part of me that felt I was going to miss out on that bond you feel with a newborn. Yes I bonded with the twins, but the one on one time just wasn’t possible. Life is going to be extremely difficult and challenging, but to already know the immense amount of joy those two boys bring I can only imagine what adding one more will do. Sure I’ll have some grey hairs and a few more wrinkles, but it will all be worth it. Just the other day my husband looked at me and said, you know all these people ask us how we do it, do you ever stop and think, how do we do it? I don’t have an answer for that because I honestly I don’t know. We survive on about 5 hours of sleep a night and pure exhaustion every day, but we manage. Our kids our fed, clothed and clean at the end of the day and believe it or not we all still have smiles on our faces. So the answer to survival is we just will. We won’t know how, but I know we will do it with a grateful heart.

Thanks for letting me be a part of this!

And there it is... Wish her luck!
Me? With my two, I don't envy her. I admire her bravery and will continue to follow her to see if she even has time to update us. Give us updates Kandice, don't forget us just because you are going to have 3 adorable little boys to take up your time. Once a quarter at least, kay?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You know what's NOT fun?

Being sick... with sick twins.
Don't try it.
I'm here to tell you: it SUCKS!

A week and a half later and I'm still sick. Five days later and Natalia is still sick. And we are just one day in on Noah getting sick. Natalia and I have the same Mother/Daughter voice: RASPY and totally not in a cute way. Well not me anyway, Natty sounds adorable.... umm, when she is not crying, of course.

I haven't taken her to the doctor. Why? Well, she is playful (mostly), she is eating, no diarrhea/no puking, I have her hydrated and her fever is in check. What exactly will the doctor tell me to do that I'm not already doing? Noah, though? He is another story. So far he is OK. But it did take us girls like 2-3 days to really go down. He has a much weaker immune system and we have to make sure he doesn't stress out much. I've dealt with them with a cold/fever before but this one right now is a whole other level when I, myself, wanted my Mommy at my worst. Hopefully Noah's daily steroids keeps him from getting as bad as Natty since its supposed to be an anti-inflammatory too.

Either way, I'm over this. It's shitty and getting in the way of my Christmas spirit.
I need us to feel better so I can go shopping, I need to decorate... well I need to clean and then decorate, and I need happy kids for a happy season. And yeah, I need to sleep. And Jeff needs NOT to get sick too. And then I want to sleep some more. That's all. Then I can really have fun during the holidays... who can make that happen? Like not now, but RIGHT now?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Life With Giggles... The Interview

Who doesn't like to giggle?
Well, I'll introduce you to one girl whose life is all about it!
Meet a bloggy friend who likes to have fun and share her thoughts in full honesty over at Life With Giggles, I'll let her do the talking:

Hiya there!

My name is Kenya and I blog over at Life with Giggles. I am a wife of 4 years to a man who deals with my corny jokes. I am a fur baby mama to a yorkiepoo named Sadie who likes to pee on my bed and steal socks from our laundry. I love chocolate. I am fun-sized, not short! I am just pure awesomeness.

Why Giggles?
Because I am that girl who has the most annoying loud laugh. Once I start giggling, I can't stop. It is like a sickness! And to top it off, I laugh like the tickle me Elmo doll. No joke!

What would you do if I sent a bunch of guys wearing white sunglasses your way?
I would punch each one in the face. And after that, I would punch them in the face again. Freaking douches.

Who is your star crush? Only one!
Are you serious? I can only pick one?!?! This is not fair. That's like telling me I have to pick between chocolate cake and chocolate brownies....
You can't just pick one! But it is YOUR blog, so I guess I can answer with one. So here it is... I will go with The Rock. Have you seen him lately? Oh Lordy is he on fire. He works out, cooks, acts, and just exudes hotness. What more can a girl ask for? But let's get one thing straight, HE IS MINE, ALL MINE. No stealing. I know know, it is tempting... But you are poop out of luck.

Morning or Night person?
I am a total morning person. Hubs is not. Which causes major problems in the Giggles household. Lets just say Saturday mornings, I am bouncy and ready to go out and the hubs is snoring away. Mind you it is 8am. So, now since we have the pups, I am on morning duty which means 6:30am since hat's when Sadie gets up to lick my face telling me she needs to pee. So at least I have a snuggle buddy in the morning time.

What is your favorite book of all time?
My favorite book is Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt.

Which one would you choose: Books, gadgets, or clothes?
I choose books and clothes. And don't give me lip about how I was suppose to choose one. You failed to note that in the question. #WINNING

Why do you blog?
Because it makes me happy. Blogging has helped me in learning who I am.  And the connections I have made with people are amazing.

What have you learned these past four years of marriage? Any wisdom to share?
It is hard work. I never signed up for hard work. I think a guidelines book should come with the ring when the guy proposes. If I would have known that I would have to cook 99% of the time, clean 80% of the time, have to smell the hubs farts, have to witness the hubs clip his toe nails, have to share sheets and bed space... I would have added some clauses in the agreement. But seriously, marriage takes a lot of work and it seems every year that passes, we have to work harder. But I think what everyone needs to remember is that communication is key. And also, make sure you giggle!

There you go!

Isn't she fun? Yes, yes she is! Clicky here to follow her! Also, if I may... I think Kenya Giggles sounds like a great name, no? Perhaps she should change it, just saying...
Also, don't forget to tune in next Monday for my next victim ;)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who done it? Who beat me with the SICK stick???

I demand answers... in written from though cause I have no voice.

There is FIRE in my throat. There is a volcano eruption going on in there and I can barely breathe without wincing... it hurts like a and I don't like it! I know this goes without saying but I have to say it anyway, I just don't like it. Being sick sucks...

You know who like it even less? The kids. They are running around giving me attitude. And rightfully so since I am refusing to hug them and kiss them. Natalia keeps trying to jump me and hangs her head down in such a sad way when I move her away and Noah gives me these hurt looks in his eyes when I tell him no to his kiss attempts. They break my heart. But what can I do? I keep crossing my fingers so they don't get sick too but since they are home all day with me, we shall see how that goes. I'm trying to disinfect everything and keep them at a distance but I still have to pick them up to change them and whatnot. I don't wish this on my worst enemy so my treasures better not get it.

The good thing? I know my Mommy look works. Since I can't yell at them, I've been giving them the Mommy evil look when they are being naughty and they listen. This I like. A lot.

And to those who are awaiting my email, I will get to you I promise. Right now my miserable lonely spot on the couch is all I can hope for until Jeff gets home from work. I cannot think clearly but when I do I will email you, thanks!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Interview with Jeff...

I'm going to post a series of interviews with awesome people and I thought I'd start with Jeff...
It's mainly for bloggers but I'm going to add an exception or two.

Take Jeff for example, he is not a blogger but he is a blogger lover so he is in... yay!
(If you are interested in being one of my victims just let me know!)

So.... Jeff,  Hi ;)

- Why me? And no other woman in the whole world? (Ignore the gun on your head)

Well, because Shanny Said So!

You first captured me with your inviting smile and I loved that you laughed at my jokes.  From there, I realized you were worth keeping as you have above average intelligence, a great sense of humor, and could potentially teach me spanish in the future.  Sure, there were countless other women I could have chosen to make miserable, but I had the sense that you were the only one worth making miserable...for life! :)

- Describe yourself in 3 words.


- How is it being a father of twins?

It's a blessing...I love it even more since they started playing together for longer periods of time, thus freeing me up so I can respond to the numerous internet interviews I receive on a daily basis!  Being the father of twins feels like heaven...if we would've had triplets, I think I actually WOULD have died and gone to heaven.  It is exhausting but worth every second.  I live to see their smiles and hear their laughter.

- Why don't you blog?

Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too lazy, and I'd be too easily offended if I spent an hour thinking of a thought and got too few responses lol.  If I had a blog, I would probably be forced to pay people to read and comment so they could at least outnumber the spammers!

- Speak the thruth... are you planning on divorcing me?

I don't plan on it, however my Dad has been married 4 times and people say I'm just like him.  So watch your back Shanny...Hmmm...let's keep it real, even if I wanted to "plan it", do you really think I'd be organized enough to pull it off? You'd have to do it for me! At the end of the day, who else is gonna pick up my socks and put my cups in the sink???  Or even better, ahem, of course not sweetheart, the only thing I'm planning is loving you even more with every passing year :)

- Did you know that you are my favorite person?

I'd better be for all the stuff I put up with! Which is not much of course... Dear...

- Why are you so hard to control?

Because medically speaking, I'm hard of hearing and can't remember anything I agree to.  Duh...

- How do you feel about another set of twins?

Depends.  If they're females that are sexy and over 21, and I've got your approval, sounds great to me.  If you are serious about another set of twin kids, then I will divorce you.  However, I will pay child support.  I'm no deadbeat Dad!

- Have you ever... What was the last book you read?

"Can't you sleep, Little Bear?".  I can't believe I actually started a book and finished it!  (Mind you, it's for toddlers and you can count the number of pages on your hands lol).

- Which 3 celebrities am I supposed to give you a pass with?

Penelope Cruz
Jessica Alba
A younger Catherine Zeta Jones

- Tell me something funny about you and the kids...

No matter how much we love to drive you crazy, we love you.  And there is nothing funny about that...ok, can I get back to my sports now???

Thursday, November 22, 2012

If you know the Happy Birthday song...

...then "hear" this with that tune:

~~Happy Birthday to me! Happy Turkey to me!
Happy Turkey Birthday, Gobble, Gobble to Meeeeeee!~~

Today everyone in the US is going to celebrate my turkey birthday and get fat right by my side. So thank you. I'm thankful I wont be the only one stuffing my face. If everyone is doing it... and everyone gains the same couple of pounds then there is no harm. Woot, woot!

Today I'm thankful for... Well, I'm just thankful. I don't have needs for reasons, I just am.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christian Grey...

Yay or Nay?

I have not read these books, no shade of it.
I'm not sure if to give in or not.
I'm not prude, my innocent eyes will survive... I think.
I went to buy the trilogy but read some reviews and some people had nothing nice to say...
And that turned me off... (weird... considering the books)
But maybe they are just haters..... right?
What do you think?
Is 50 shades of Grey worth my time?
I've heard many babies being born from this... and if that happens I'll be pissed with the author for not sharing before my IVF, and also probably suing my Doc for a faulty tube job... (cha-ching!)
But do share, yes, no, maybe? And WHY? or Why not?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mommy Mode? Anyone?

One week from today...
Yes, it's Thanksgiving... but stop thinking about you for a minute and concentrate on me, kay? Thanks!

So, one week from today, I turn 23... you can flip those two numbers around if you want to keep me honest, whatever.  But, here comes my honesty: I don't feel like 32 is right. I have no idea where the past 2 years went. Last I know, like for sure, was that I was a humongous pregnant 29 year old, then like 1 1/2 month after the twins were born I supposedly turned 30 and then I forgot everything else. Conveniently you might say, I just think it was survival mode or I'm just plain stuck in my own mind. (Yeahh, probably the later choice.) Or, OR...

Or is it a Mommy mode thing that's out there and no one told me about? I swear, I feel like time stopped for me. Not for the kids though, never that. With them time flies at Cheetah speed, they are two so obviously time does past... but for me too? Really? I'm so engrossed in them that I think my life is all about them, which it is, but I probably shouldn't forget my own life. I don't remember anything that I wanted to do before 30.. or before 32 which is the actual number... not that I had a list going but that isn't the point.

I'm probably not even fun anymore... I probably only talk about them (like right now) and I have no idea I'm doing it. I probably would be teeny tiny bit more interesting with a little more life experience if I was working but I'm enjoying them way too much to actually care about that part. I'm all about playing with them, teaching them, and changing their diapers. Fun, yes. But I should probably try to accomplish more, no?

I suppose I have a lot of catching up to do in order to get to my right age... the again, who the heck wants to feel older? Not that I want to look back and think of myself of just a Mommy stuck in a Mommy's world but for now the 30's seem far, far away... and that feels good.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Need a Chuckle?

Right now there is snow outside...
It's not right after all our areas have gone through but who can tell mother nature that?
Anyway, I needed a bit of a laugh and found a lil something that I thought I could share.

These are two cell phone claims that actually happened, er, no comment...

1- One man lost his iPhone in the back end of a cow... using the torch to see inside.... Hmmmm....
2- One woman had to put in a claim because the vibration function stopped working after too many uses... umm, bow chicka wow wow?

And that's it...
What do you want? I only said chuckle.. ;)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Jeff!

For your birthday I got you a Threesome!


Yes, she is a thunderstorm... but she is a she, isn't she?
Not to say that the women in your life whose name begin with S bring you nothing but trouble, but you know... she in particular is a mean B so my suggestion would be to turn my offer down. Just saying...

Anyway, I love you.
Noah loves you.
& Natalia loves you.
We are happy you get to stay home with us today, we hope you enjoy our treats and our diapers (the kid's said this, I swear), and we hope to celebrate many, many more birthdays with you. Also, we hope that everyone out there is safe (it's not all about you Jeff) and we hope the storm is over ASAP.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Love My Kids More Than You.... and surrogacy...

I'm in no way saying that I love my kids more than you love yours, just that I love mine more cause well, they are mine... and I don't love yours more than you either, that would be creepy. Well unless you are Jeff, then I definitely love your kids more than you.

So yes, I love them. I'm blessed to have them. And in some ways I'm glad that these are my only ones. No, I don't want more kids... its just that my uterus likes to complain sometimes (yes, I'm surprised too since she wasn't too keen on the whole pregnancy business to begin with, but alas...) she even offered herself for me to rent her out... she thinks she is the only one who gets to decide ... well she held the power once, NOT anymore, gwaa hahhaha hah.

Anyway, I was watching some show where surrogacy was mentioned and it got me thinking. Would I have done that? Nope. But? What if I had to use a surrogate and get these same two kiddos that I now love more than life itself? Well, I wouldn't know them so I suppose that my answer would still be no. And then of course I wondered... would I like to be a surrogate? Still probably not. I believe its an amazing gift for my infertile sisters but unless I know you and love you (like a lot) I wouldn't do it for you. Am I selfish? Exactly that. I am unable to imagine myself going through a pregnancy and not keeping that baby. But then of course, I also know your dreams and hopes and can't imagine not giving you the chance to love your kid more than me. So either I stalk you for life or I just don't do it. This was never an option by the way... this is just hypothetical.. but I'm glad I never had to make the choice. (Mom and Jeff, you can breathe)

I do, however, read a few surrogacy blogs and even though I don't know your pain of giving up that miracle I know the love from the other woman, so thank you. Thank you for allowing them to love their kids more than anyone else, and for being so brave.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm on some kind of vacation...

.... from house management.

Since I've been home, I've decided I am the House Manager. Is there a difference between now and when I was working? No... this is just more full day/night time  and official. Well that..... and I want a title darn it!

Anyway, after the kids birthday they decided to get a cold and to turn up their crankiness. So I, like any understanding boss, gave myself a vacation no questions asked. I know... you are jealous.  I am a pretty cool boss... errr don't ask Jeff though, you know there is always one who doesn't appreciate a manager's authority. And yes, technically I should write him up or give him a warning of insubordination but like in any other workplace... we happen to be the two with the inappropriate office romance. What can say? I am a shameless boss. No worries though, the President and Vice President of the house (Noah and Natalia) are quite OK with this romance, they find it makes me more... uhh... efficient. They even gave me a raise. I get way more hugs and kisses than before, woot woot!

But back to this vacation... what exactly is different? Well yes, I am home STILL, taking care of the kids and even MORE now with that cranked up cranky behaviour, and cooking and doing dishes and all that... this is starting to sound not-so-good so I'm going to stop now before I start hating on my boss, so moving on.... BIG DRUM ROLL: 1-No laundry! Wooohooo! OK, so I realize this may not be a big deal to you but not doing laundry right now with these two hanging on me like little monkeys is a big deal... 2-Not picking up after their toys.... if they see them and want to play I say GO. 3- I'm blogging... cause you and I both know its ALL their fault that I'm not around. 4-More TV and 5-More reading on my Kindle. There.... that's all. That was the whole big deal. Whatever, at least I wrote something this time instead of posting a ton of pics ;)

Friday, October 12, 2012

They are TWO!!!

My, my... how quickly they grow...

My little Angel Noah and little devilish Angel Natalia turned 2 on Monday.
And what did they do for the big day? They went pumpkin picking, then out to eat then had their birthday cake cut with us and their grandparents... BUT before that they had a little cake cutting on Saturday also. We opted out of a big party but had their immediate first cousins with their parents and their grandparents to share their pre-birthday with.

The kids sure enjoyed all the attention. And the presents, of course. And since they are obsessed with Minnie and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I decorated a corner for them to take pictures and to set the cake. Let me tell you, they are still going crazy over it... at this point I think I might be dreaming of Minnie every darn hot dog night!

Anyway, here are those two old farts:
Saturday 10/06

Daddy and his girl

Mommy and her boy
 Cake, cake, cake!
And more cake!
We also celebrated my sister and my brother-in-law's
20th wedding anniversary
On their actual birthday
Monday 10/08

And later that day....

It's my birthday!
No, it's my birthday!
Then why is there only one cake?
Cause Mommy said if we share a belly we share a cake...
That's going to get old soon...

Happy Birthday Natalia, I love you!

I love you too Noah, Happy Birthday!
... Man I really wanna lick your cake...

Grandpa Pedro, Tim, Natalia, Noah, Grandma Paddie and Grandma Joyce

The whole family:
Jeff, Shanny, Natalia, Noah,
Mickey, Minnie and Daisy...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Kids:

 They grow way too fast!
Yes, everyone says that, like all the time about all kids...
well, everyone is right.
These two little ones are up to lots of good things:
They like to spell words,
Noah more than Natalia... typical girl, she has to be in the mood.
They like to have family dinner, even if they are forced to sometimes.
They like it I say!
They are obsessed with balls.
Noah loves basketball & really knows how to dunk, even from a distance.
Natalia can kick a ball with a fantastic force and good aim.
They are still all about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,
though they call it Minnie.
They also like Little Einsteins. Good, that's what I need them to be.
They say "excuse me" if they fart. And if you do they
will remind you to say it too, no if's and's or but's.... once again
Noah more than Natalia because she just likes to do what she wants,
when she wants, and if she wants.
If we sneeze or cough, they love to fake cough & laugh at us. Over & over.
And over again.
If they go into the bathroom with you,
once you are done they say either: "Bye bye peepee"
Or "Bye bye bathe."
They also like to say "Bye bye nite nite" when we take
 them out of their bedroom.
If they are in their bedroom, you must knock the door before going in,
and you are only allowed to enter if they say: "come in"
All in all,
they are very good kids, Noah is an angel and umm...
Natalia is too... you know, in an evil kinda way.
After almost two years,
I'm fairly confident that I'm keeping them.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Pictures

A few weeks ago we took the kiddos to
a park. We denied their grandparents
their usual Sunday visiting rights
just so we could do this.
One day,
but they get pictures so it's not mean, right?
And before you ask why they are wearing jeans,
they like to run and fall when they are outside and
they get scratches so I figured I was protecting them,
turns out...
the floor at the park is very cushion-like and soft, ah well!

On the wobbly bridge,
Noah is trying to catch me
And Natalia is holding on to Daddy for dear life,
she is such a scaredy cat.

On the swings,
as you can see...
Dunno why I have the need to describe but whatev!

I wont describe this one...

...Or this one.
Obviously I have faith in you to figure it out.
But this one? I shall explain,
They are on some musical noise making jumpy thingy.
How is that for a description?
A few videos
(mostly for grandma's enjoyment)

Mmmm, a rare treat, me likey!
I'm cute!
Me too! 
We Like Quack Quacks!
Yes, even if they are cut outs.. and we can't see them. Sup wid Dat Mommy?
Guess who! 

Sometime later,
Maybe a week or two or even before, Natalia enjoying mashed potatoes:
Ummm, just the way you are supposed to eat them,
with your whole face!
 Messy Baby!
You are supposed to eat it like me:
clean and serious.. food is no joke!
Oh yeah?
Well, let Mommy give us a bath and I'll tackle you
for calling me messy!
You can tackle me BUT
can you DUNK like me?
And No, I wont fall my Aunty will catch me,
it's not like Daddy was holding me and was photoshopped,
I'm this good! (I swear!)

This past Sunday:
gosh they are growing!
Natalia chilling!
A rarity...

Right after Mommy & Daddy attempted to give him
his first Mohawk.
Never mind that it's not perfect: He is perfect!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

When You Are Not In Control Anymore

Do not let guilt overcome you,
Do not fight faith,
Just pray.
Don't immerse yourself in the "what ifs"
if you said it or not, they know.
Just believe.
Do not give up on miracles,
they do happen,
even if its within you.
A change for the positive is a miracle,
isn't it?
Learn from your mistakes,
teach those around you what you learned
simply by doing.
When your world seems to be in a turmoil,
know the importance of not taking anyone for granted,
especially yourself.
It's OK to need others,
to rely on them,
and to be scared.
Be appreciative for the memories you've made along the way,
enjoy them,
be grateful you have them.

Before you ask: I'm just sad because my grandfather isn't doing well. I'm sad to know that my Mom and Aunts are under stress and breaking down, and I'm guilty of not visiting him enough. Being a new Mom doesn't stop me from being a granddaughter, and yet here I am, not by his side. Noah is sick at the moment so I can't be there but before that? I'm guilty of letting my life getting in the way. Say a little prayer, would you?

Friday, July 20, 2012

We Have Poopy Parties Up In Here!

Errr... the kids do...

These two little ones love, and I mean LOVE, to poopy at the same time. Always.
Okay most of the time, like 9 times out of 10, they go at the same time. They are very considerate I think. I get to change their diapers at the same time and have it be over with. The downside? The smell of course... you know the rosy smell I'm talking about... its fantastic. They like to come around each other when one is being changed and they give each other dirty looks like... what's that saying? Their own shiiiit don't stink. Noah goes for the dramatic gag once in a while and Natalia rolls her eyes at him.

The nerves of her... she once got picked up by her father while I was in the shower (thank God) and he came running in asking: "Shan? What did she put on me face? It smells like poop." I of course had the natural response: I burst out laughing. If I could have taken a picture I would have.... the petrified look on his face was priceless. It was also on his shirt and arms so I did the other natural thing... I ran away from them and went to clean my boy. Their shit: their problem, heehee.

So yeah... that's what happens in my house. Come over and maybe you'll catch one of the usual two party sessions they have. And who said non-identical twins weren't in sync?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

For You Facebook: Hiding, Posing & Dieting...

Thank you Facebook. I think...
In all fairness this could be for all Social Medias.
You guys are great tools... and I do mean "tool" in all forms.

Me? I am talking directly to Facebook because I don't have the other stuff. Facebook has inspired me even more than I already was to become fit. First of all, I hardly... if ever... post pictures of myself so I like hiding behind the camera, thankyouverymuch. But if I go out, I'm always trying to pose because, well... have you seen the pics people tag you in? They don't exactly take the same consideration in looking for the best poses and flattering shots that you do for yourself. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? Don't lie now.

Yes, I could delete my account but then I wouldn't know which pictures of me are floating around would I? So now I'm using my love/hate relationship with FB to work out even harder so that I don't cringe when I see myself on other people's pages. Or in my "tag" album... where anyone can see them, eek! I'm not doing this only because I lack self-confidence but also to save others from going blind. I hope the effort is appreciated, that's all I'm saying.

And it's not that there is really anything wrong with the pictures, not much anyway, but aren't we our biggest critics? Photos that Jeff has posted of me have me hanging my head in shame while he loves the looks, so no they aren't bad. This post is basically about two things: I'm hard on myself and I have FB to thank for my (depending on how it goes) anorexic or sexy future. So since I can't control what pics go up of me I can control the "me" they take a pic of. You have the summer and the beach as inspiration, I have FB.

I know I sound like a cry baby... but deep down, I'm sure you get it. If you don't, then clearly you don't have a frontal ass to deal with. I have issues, obviously, and yes FB has made me face a reality that I can't ignore but because this is a sensitive topic I'm putting a disclaimer: I don't have a disorder or taking this overly too serious. I know that I have the pouch because of my laziness it was home to my adorable twins but I can still want to look better can't I?

Also, I'm not stopping anyone from taking photos or posting them, I'm just saying: prepare yourself for a tinier facebooker... fingers crossed.

Friday, June 29, 2012

One Lovely Blog and Liebster Awards!!!

Thank you MelodyT for honoring me with these two fantastic awards! As new as I am to your blog I keep coming back for more... must be 'hunger' or something... check out her blog to see what I mean.

The first one I was nominated for is the "One Lovely Blog Award"

And the second one is the "Liebster Blog Award"

Here's a little bit of info on what the Liebster award is: Liebster is German for sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. They are given to bloggers with 200 or less followers. 

So here are the rules:
1. Link back to whoever nominated you.
2. Write 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers.
The next couple were rules from the Liebster award:
4. Let everyone know when you nominate them.
5. Make up 11 questions for them to answer.
6. Answer the questions that have been given to you.

So if I pick you, I am nominating you for two awards instead of just one. Then you can just follow the 6 rules listed above.

My Random Facts:
1. I am addicted to listening to my kid's laughter. And the other one too.

2. I'm not a phone person, well not to talk anyway. For texting on the other hand, heck yeah! I guess I'm just not good at carrying on a conversation on the phone, you must be in my face if you want to talk. Jeff is the chatter in our relationship.
3. It bothers me to no end when people don't use their signals while driving. They are there for a reason and I'm not a mind reader!
4. I am loving being a stay at home mom... shhh! Don't tell Jeff.

5. I am addicted to my Kindle Fire.
6. I do NOT miss the stress of work, I honestly think I'm still burnt from it.
7. After about, say 7 months or so, I finally separated the kids smaller clothing from their current sizes. It's not called lazy, it's called attachment, I swear.
8. I really wanna see Magic Mike... ahem, the story line is the only thing that interest me... really... it's not the Magic or the Mike at all. (wink wink)

9. I am dreading potty training time. I don't know that I want to deal with that just yet so I'm waiting a bit longer. Anyone with twins, ideas are welcomed.
10- I am scared of Spiders.
11- I am afraid of failing. At anything.

Questions from MelodyT for the Liebster award:
1. What is you favorite book of all time and why?
    I have to go with the whole Harry Potter Series, not just one book... sorry.
2. What is your dream vacation destination?
    Probably Hawaii again. Or even better a cruise through the islands of Hawaii.
3. What is your favorite TV series?
    Of all time? Friends. Of right now? Probably Once Upon A Time...
4. If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive. Who would it be?
    Umm, not sure if it counts but probably my 2 lost babies.
5. What is your favorite recipe?
    Coffee, 2% milk, Splenda, stir... tada!
6. Do you have any special talents?
    Yes! I can walk around carrying two toddlers at once... and that's probably about it.
7. Do you have any pets?
8. What is your favorite movie of all time?
    I'm not sure if favorite but I enjoy watching the Lord of the Ring movies, which if funny because I love romance, but the bravery in those movies really touch me.
9. What item in your make-up bag could you not live without?
    My eyeliner.

My questions for everyone:
1- Do you have a phobia? What is it?
2- What came first, the chicken or the egg?
3- Describe yourself in 3 words.
4- Are you a night person or a morning person?
5- What is your favorite dessert?
6- Love at first sight, yay or nay?
7- Which one would you choose: books, clothes, or gadgets?
8- What is your favorite hobby?
9- Where are you right now?
10- Why do you blog?  
11- What is your favorite season?
Here are the Nominees! (For both awards)
1- Z's crafting and Recycling Life +
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