Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Pictures

A few weeks ago we took the kiddos to
a park. We denied their grandparents
their usual Sunday visiting rights
just so we could do this.
One day,
but they get pictures so it's not mean, right?
And before you ask why they are wearing jeans,
they like to run and fall when they are outside and
they get scratches so I figured I was protecting them,
turns out...
the floor at the park is very cushion-like and soft, ah well!

On the wobbly bridge,
Noah is trying to catch me
And Natalia is holding on to Daddy for dear life,
she is such a scaredy cat.

On the swings,
as you can see...
Dunno why I have the need to describe but whatev!

I wont describe this one...

...Or this one.
Obviously I have faith in you to figure it out.
But this one? I shall explain,
They are on some musical noise making jumpy thingy.
How is that for a description?
A few videos
(mostly for grandma's enjoyment)

Mmmm, a rare treat, me likey!
I'm cute!
Me too! 
We Like Quack Quacks!
Yes, even if they are cut outs.. and we can't see them. Sup wid Dat Mommy?
Guess who! 

Sometime later,
Maybe a week or two or even before, Natalia enjoying mashed potatoes:
Ummm, just the way you are supposed to eat them,
with your whole face!
 Messy Baby!
You are supposed to eat it like me:
clean and serious.. food is no joke!
Oh yeah?
Well, let Mommy give us a bath and I'll tackle you
for calling me messy!
You can tackle me BUT
can you DUNK like me?
And No, I wont fall my Aunty will catch me,
it's not like Daddy was holding me and was photoshopped,
I'm this good! (I swear!)

This past Sunday:
gosh they are growing!
Natalia chilling!
A rarity...

Right after Mommy & Daddy attempted to give him
his first Mohawk.
Never mind that it's not perfect: He is perfect!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

When You Are Not In Control Anymore

Do not let guilt overcome you,
Do not fight faith,
Just pray.
Don't immerse yourself in the "what ifs"
if you said it or not, they know.
Just believe.
Do not give up on miracles,
they do happen,
even if its within you.
A change for the positive is a miracle,
isn't it?
Learn from your mistakes,
teach those around you what you learned
simply by doing.
When your world seems to be in a turmoil,
know the importance of not taking anyone for granted,
especially yourself.
It's OK to need others,
to rely on them,
and to be scared.
Be appreciative for the memories you've made along the way,
enjoy them,
be grateful you have them.

Before you ask: I'm just sad because my grandfather isn't doing well. I'm sad to know that my Mom and Aunts are under stress and breaking down, and I'm guilty of not visiting him enough. Being a new Mom doesn't stop me from being a granddaughter, and yet here I am, not by his side. Noah is sick at the moment so I can't be there but before that? I'm guilty of letting my life getting in the way. Say a little prayer, would you?