Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Twins are ONE!!!!

Last Saturday my babies became toddlers. 
They are now walking and "talking" and dancing and clapping and throwing kisses (mostly Noah) and playing peek-a-boo (only Noah) and waving hi and bye and saying "whoa" and "hey" (only Natalia) and loving their parents. This last one I'm throwing in there because I want to, there is no actual proof, but I'm stating it as a fact... because I can.

We had a Monkey theme. As you are about to see:

Awesome monkeys:

 Playing with balloons

Noah pinning the tail on the donkey
He is so good =)
(I didn't help him... I swear....)

Natalia pinning the tail but blocked  by Daddy :-/

Natty and her Pinata

Noah and his Pinata...but he is knocked out

Doing the limbo!

Cake! Cake! Cake!

And all these monkeys had fun:

My darling niece Zammie and her teddy

The two most handsomest baby boys EVER!
Amar and Noah

 My Mom did some awesome tricks and games and had
everyone enjoying themselves. Here she is doing a silly
 skit of my monkeys:

The lil peeps joining in the fun 

Girl & Boy monkey and other animal cake pops

Cakes and extras:

 The kids favor boxes

 The big kids favors =) 

The invitation

The Thank You card