Friday, November 11, 2011


A few months ago my Cell phone died on me, my precious beloved Droid just went and kicked the bucket. This was a sad moment, very sad indeed. Take a moment and breathe in the reality, God knows I’ve done that a lot. I know you understand the feeling, the emptiness and sadness that has engulfed me..... well at least If you live in this century then you most certainly understand me.
After about a week of being phoneless I remembered I had my old blackberry so I happily and excitedly activated it and I’ve been using it for the past 2 months…. I hate it. There was a time (years ago) when no one could say anything bad about the blackberry because I loved it, I mean LOVED it. Now? After slamming it with a  droid smartphone for over 2 years I want to throw it on the floor and jump on it until it becomes powder.  Phone calls work, BBM work but Internet or apps or texting? Not so much =(
Me not having my  droid smartphone is affecting my life profoundly. First of all, I cannot blog. Or read blogs. Or stare at my kids on their blogs. I cannot check up on people on Facebook. Or google anything. And on top of all that its making me fat. (Exactly!) My world is colliding from within. The blackberry has Internet… sure, but it takes forever and a day to even open a page up. I have Internet at home… sure, but its in the basement and my time is taken up by two adorable little ones and my TV right upstairs. And I’m sure you are wondering why its making me fat, well, because I cannot get the darn app where I log my food and exercise and stare at people’s before and afters and daydream its me, that’s why. It held me accountable believe it or not, I need it back! NOW! *sniff* The point is my phone is important because I only get to connect myself to the outside world during my lunch break and we are not allowed Internet at work so therefore I’m disconnected and therefore I’m dying.
You may be wondering why on Earth I haven’t gotten a new phone. You are a genius! Just like the kind of phone I want… well, I wondered the same thing. It’s because of Jeff. He has this crazy idea that we should save some money by changing plans, I mean I get it… we shouldn’t pay any extra money for our cells if we don’t have to… but at the same time Jeff shouldn’t want his wife to die because of this, right? Geesh! OK, I’m being just a tinny bitty dramatic here, I know, I know. Whatev! It's just been so long suffering and even though the light at the end of the tunnel is right around the corner I'm getting more and more annoyed by my blackberry. Our plan expires in less than 2 weeks, on the 22nd… my birthday. And as much as I didn’t want to turn 31 so fast,  I cannot wait for the darn day to come so I can have a new droid phone. I think he just planned it so that I can be forever grateful that he is going to get me what I want the most on my birthday… smart husband actually. I would appreciate it a lot more if I was connected to the outside world though, just saying.