Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Had Lots of Liberty In The Sea!


Where to begin? Where to begin?
I could tell you how I started out brunette and ended up blondish... but I suppose I can start by telling you about our group instead. There were 14 of us: my mom and dad, my 2 aunts and uncles, my grandfather as a treat from my mom, 1 single cousin, 2 other cousins with their significant others, and Jeff and myself. As you can imagine there are tons of pics but I’ll have to post some of them in the future since I only have access to my memory card for now.

This was my ship's crew

My grandfather
Followed by his daughters, son-in-laws and grands:
My Mom and Dad

Aunty and uncle #1 (wont say names)
Their son Arun - my youngest cousin =)
Aunty and uncle #2
Their eldest daughter: Anouskha and her husband Ajay
Their second daughter: Carolyn and now fiancee Amrit

Saturday June 13

Jeff and I rushed out of the house around 6 am and headed to JFK airport to get to Miami. Once we got there all I kept hearing in my head was Will Smith’s song: "Welcome to Miami, bienvenidos a Miami"…. That’s all, no other lines from the song… cause that’s all I remember… so much for keeping my brain entertained!

We got to the ship and checked in and I went straight to the buffet cause Jeff had been starving me for a few weeks so that I didn’t embarrass him too much in my bathing suit. OK, that’s not true but it sure felt like it the way the hunger hit me. All we got on the plane there was old peanuts (really old) and 2 cookies. I mean: wow! We then sailed off to a wonderful vacation….

Sunday June 14

We were at sea all day long. And by the way I worried for no reason. I did not feel sick at all… probably because we were in the biggest ship on sea right now: Liberty of the Sea. Though there will be a much bigger one come September called Oasis of the Sea. And believe me I plan on trying it out eventually. Back to my ship, it was like a whole city inside, just awesome!

The guys played basketball and the girls just wondered around to check out the ship and enjoyed the pool. The parents, well we um… we barely saw them during the days… but our dinner tables were next each other every night so they can’t complain too much. Can they? Honestly I almost feel like I should have brought my parents souvenirs, I have yet to ask them how their vacation was. Shame on me!
This was our first formal night so we got all prettied up.

Monday June 15

We went to our first island Labadee, Haiti. The place itself was beautiful; the water was nice and not deep at all. They had a BBQ on the beach and I can’t think more about this island because sadly one of the fellow passengers passed while we were on the beach. We saw them trying to pump his heart for a long time with no luck. Unfortunately he had a heart attack. I did not see his family but my heart broke for them.

The evening was nice, we went to dinner and then headed down to their night club. It was a lot of fun. I liked watching the single peeps dance. Apparently these days all you have to do is stand with your back in front of the guy and sway from side to side. You up your speed according to the music but that’s basically it… interesting and kinda boring if you ask me. If I’m dancing I’m gonna really move my body not just grind the stranger guy all night long. But hey! that’s just me...

Tuesday June 16

We went to Jamaica and snorkeled around. We took the catamaran and had a fun and bumpy ride to Dunn river falls. We hiked up the falls and it was so cool. And even cooler? in the middle of it my cousin’s boyfriend proposed to her. Yay!!! When we got back we took a cab to eat some original Jamaican patties and I must say they were pretty good, they had an awesome shrimp patty too… how come they don’t have those here?

We were abandoned by our guys who were more interested
in playing poker than hanging out with us!

Wednesday June 17

Grand Cayman Island. This was the shortest time we spent in any island. We went to the beach and jet skied. Then went to check out the shops for a few minutes and went back to the ship to play in the kids H2O Zone pool. It was cooler than the adults and pretty empty. We played Marco Polo… a lot… cause you know: when you are in a kid’s pool the right thing to do is to act like kids =) We then went to the ice rink and I didn’t skate cause I was too scared. But Jeff had fun almost falling... he never did though!

2nd formal evening

Thursday June 18

We went to Cozumel, Mexico. This was originally cancelled because of the swine flu but I’m so happy they put it back in the itinerary. It was the best one in my opinion. The water was beyond beautiful! We snorkeled there and did some Dune boogie rides along the coast… totally worth the money!

Dinner that night

Friday June 19

It was a whole day of nothing but the Sea. It was relaxing and fun. Jeff and I played in the casino for a bit. We then went to get dressed so that we could catch the sunset... the bad thing was that we only saw it for like 5 minutes because "somebody" took too long getting dressed. I'm not going to say who cause its not nice to talk bad about people... or myself.... but at least we got some shots...

Last dinner pic =(

Monday, June 22, 2009

Disappointed in work...

Today was my first day back at work and I wasn't happy with a few things...
  1. I had to get up early and it wasn't even to have fun.
  2. I was not given a break to get tanned in the Sun.
  3. Apparently its NOT OK to walk around in swimwear in corporate America, who made those rules anyway?
  4. And the worst of them all? Not one person offered me any alcoholic drink with cute umbrellas at 9 in the morning, WTF?

I did eat yummy cake for dessert though, today is my niece Anali's 11th birthday so I got cake at least (Happy Birthday Sweetheart!)... A person have to beg for the good stuff back in NY, Gosh! And since I have to get the pics together from my camera and the rest of the group, there were 14 of us, I'll post details and pics soon. I promise.

But I can't be completely be mean so here is a preview:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lemme give you a quickie!

I'm Baaaaack!!!!!!!

....and tired..... but that's a good thing =)

I would like to say that I missed the Internet world a whole lot.... but I honestly didn't have too much time to think about it, you know, I was busy having a fantastic time!!!!!! The cruise was really a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. I will post later with more details and pictures of course.

Right now I'm in the relaxing mode. After getting to Miami yesterday our flight to New York was delayed 2 hours. We made it back by 5:30 which only gave us time to go to my mom's house to hurry up and get dressed for a sweet sixteen party. Because that's what you do... after a week of partying you don't go home you just party some more.

Now on the sad news.... I have to go back to work tomorrow and quite frankly I think that's just wrong.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Playing nice pays off!

Apologizing to my body in my last post really paid off. I got my period at 10 dpo, 5 days early for me. What does this mean? A bucket load of FUN on my cruise!!!!! Woohooo!

No, I didn't call my Dr. for Clomid. I decided to enjoy my vacation completely TTC free. And AF free. Nice.

We are leaving in 4 days, I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself!..... going to paint my kitchen cabinets now..... later!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Perfect Strike Back

What to do if someone picks on you? Well, you get them right back.

I called my body stupid and told it that I hate it. My body's reaction was to wait and strike back at just the right time. It went ahead and ovulated just in time for me to get my period on June 13th. The day my cruise sails.

Not only will I not be able to TTC in June but now I'll have my period during the trip. I may not like it but I have to give my body some props. It sure knows how to mess with me.

I thought of calling the Dr and ask to take Clomid with me on the trip so I'll be back just in time to be monitored and for them to trigger ovulation. But I guess that would take away from my TTC free cruise, I dunno... I also don't want to have to wait until August to try again. I know my body and I know I won't get AF in July so basically I'm confused.

PS- Dear Body: I love you and I'm sorry I called you names. Stop being a biotch, Okay?