Monday, May 31, 2010

Giveaway!!!! And one more belly pic....

Here is the awesome iPod/iPhone/Cell/Camera holder I'm giving away, or its official name iPod Cozy. I just had to mention all the other items because it works wonderfully for all of them =)

It's so convenient and I love it so much that I figured I should share it with the world... or one more person in the world really, lets not get technical. All you have to do is leave a comment and you'll automatically be entered, unless of course you want to leave a comment but don't want to be entered, just specify that please. I'll announce the winner on Wednesday evening.

And here I am at 19 weeks 1 day, once again in raggedy clothes, which as embarrassing as it is I must post it because sometimes the best pics are the random ones, no? And don't judge my no-makeup tired face, its not allowed! This was just for Jeff and myself but since
Jeff said I had to share...

And no, it was not planned. I just happened to be wearing a Knick's T-shirt
with the saying when we decided to do a bare belly pic.
As you can imagine we couldn't stop laughing after we saw how perfectly it went with the belly.
Who knows? Maybe I do have a little
NBA or WNBA player in there =)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Belly pics for week 18!

Before I post belly pics for week 18, I'm going to rave about a little gift I got from my sister-in-law Zaira. Its this cute little ipod holder (which fits my Droid perfectly also I might add) that has a little wrist band and allows me to go out and walk around with NO purse, awesome!

This one is mine, but you can get your own... read on..

And because I found it SOOO convenient I decided to do a little GIVEAWAY for one of my awesome readers. My very first giveaway! And YOU might just be the lucky winner =)
She has an Etsy store if you want to check out some of her items (she is working on more) its to the
right of your screen ~~~~~>
And the adorable models you see are my nieces =) you don't get to see the elder one's face but trust me, she is also adorable!

Now, the belly pics!

Do not mind my raggedy clothes I was watching TV and decided to look at my belly
and Jeff caught me doing it. Or maybe I posed, who knows. From my view I thought my belly was
big, but from the picture? Holy cow! Its HUGE!

And this one is the official one, taken minutes ago, my little tenants sure know
how to make room in there!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ewwww.....Only in New York!

First I'm going to let you know that I'm feeling better, but no thanks to what I just witnessed.... I'm back to being sick to my stomach...

Let me set this up:
I'm at work, its around 2pm, I sit next to huge window and my view includes the subway. I can see people going and coming all the time, but never this...

An elder man comes out with his back to me, thank God, and proceeds to give himself a handjob. A freaking handjob! In the daytime! On a public street! And did I or my co-worker stop watching? NO. We were staring with our jaws to the floor, wondering if what we were seeing was really happening. Ummm, it was. Thankfully it didn't last long.

Here is my thing, if I kept thinking "ewww, disgusting!" Why didn't I turn my head away? Please tell me I'm not really a bad person.... would you have looked? Keep in mind, I didn't have a frontal view so I'm not that sick in the head..... right?

::hanging head in shame::

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother Fv#@%$ F$%^ Th*$ $h**^!!!!

Yes, I'm cursing. Kinda.... Lady-like style... I think...
Why? WHY?????
Because I earned my right to, that's why.

I am miserable.
I am sick. Not pregnancy sick, but siiiiiick. Which combined with pregnancy is worse cause I can't really take anything so I'm sicker than sick. Ok, I think I'm done with the drama now. A few days ago it started out as allergies and it turned into a nasty vicious cold with sore throat and aches and pains anywhere and everywhere. Ok, I'm still adding a little drama flare but I give myself permission to do so. The aches are mainly in my head, arms and shoulders,.... like I said everywhere. I'm stuffy, sneezing like a mad woman, and my voice is a nightmare. And that's it for complaining, thanks for reading that crap.

As of last night I gave in and started taking Tylenol cold which to my surprise has made a difference. Before that I was just gargling warm water with salt and taking lemon juice shots, I had to make myself believe it was tequila shots and let me tell you it works, I even felt tipsy after. Or the regular dizziness/nausea that goes with being sick, whatever, my brain can't think for itself so tipsy it is.

Unfortunately, those remedies did nothing for the pain and didn't help much with congestion so Tylenol its all on you baby, don't do me wrong! If you hook me up, I promise to call my babies by a special nickname in your honor at least once: Tyley and Noley. You likey? Ok, so help me!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

*****Toilets and Babies*****

If you are wondering what connects one to the other, the answer is me.
My babies are linking me directly to the toilet.

The link is so strong that I am currently in the search for:
 a recliner toilet with built in pillows.
Anyone know where to get one of those?
Cause I need it.
I spend more time peeing at night than sleeping, which of course
causes me to be brain dead all day long.
Not to say this is a bad thing for me,
because obviously I don't know any better, I just
feel bad for everyone else who has to deal with brain dead Shanny.
Then again that's their problem not mine.

And if your question is
why don't you go to bed earlier Shanny so you can get your rest?
Answer 1 is:
Then I wouldn't have a topic to write about right now, would I?
Answer 2 is:
my darn awesome diabetic diet has me getting up early and
staying up late to start & finish eating my 6 meals per day.
Can't win either way, boo!

Its for my amazing growing babies who as of last week weighed
5oz each, with heart rates at 155 (baby A) and 158 (baby B).
And who above all love their mommy and daddy sooooo much.
 I'm already brainwashing them into thinking they love us =)

The Sonographer last week, her name is Ana, not the same
Ana as the previous time but an even better one, gave us a treat and
showed us the babies in 4D:

Here is our daughter:
(you can see her elbowing her brother's head)
You can't see her clearly cause she is shy like mommy and she kept
moving around but you can see her sucking her thumb.

Here is our son:
He is the showoff, loves to take a picture and be all up in your face
just like daddy. And unlike also just like daddy check out the
muscles on his arm!

Oh, my pregnancy news is out there. My family and friends
are now aware that I'm with children
and I'm glad to let it all out.
I just ask everyone who knows me not to share
with others that I went through fertility treatments, thank you!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy 6th Year Anniversary To Us!!!!! And Belly Pics...

Time sure flyes when you are having fun!
I'm going to share some pics and not write much.

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart =)
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart =)

I had to do that twice because apparently we like everything in two's.
Two of us, two weddings, two babies. Awesome!

Friday, April 30th 2004

Saturday, May 1st, 2004
in Central Park


Almost 15lbs & close to 6 years later...
(I blame fertility treatments for weight gaining, and
no one can tell me otherwise cause I won't listen)

Oh Yeah.... And my Belly Pics =)
These are from my phone so they are what they are.

I did give in when I was 9 weeks and took this one:
(Don't mind my pajama bottom)

And today at 15 weeks exactly: