Wednesday, May 12, 2010

*****Toilets and Babies*****

If you are wondering what connects one to the other, the answer is me.
My babies are linking me directly to the toilet.

The link is so strong that I am currently in the search for:
 a recliner toilet with built in pillows.
Anyone know where to get one of those?
Cause I need it.
I spend more time peeing at night than sleeping, which of course
causes me to be brain dead all day long.
Not to say this is a bad thing for me,
because obviously I don't know any better, I just
feel bad for everyone else who has to deal with brain dead Shanny.
Then again that's their problem not mine.

And if your question is
why don't you go to bed earlier Shanny so you can get your rest?
Answer 1 is:
Then I wouldn't have a topic to write about right now, would I?
Answer 2 is:
my darn awesome diabetic diet has me getting up early and
staying up late to start & finish eating my 6 meals per day.
Can't win either way, boo!

Its for my amazing growing babies who as of last week weighed
5oz each, with heart rates at 155 (baby A) and 158 (baby B).
And who above all love their mommy and daddy sooooo much.
 I'm already brainwashing them into thinking they love us =)

The Sonographer last week, her name is Ana, not the same
Ana as the previous time but an even better one, gave us a treat and
showed us the babies in 4D:

Here is our daughter:
(you can see her elbowing her brother's head)
You can't see her clearly cause she is shy like mommy and she kept
moving around but you can see her sucking her thumb.

Here is our son:
He is the showoff, loves to take a picture and be all up in your face
just like daddy. And unlike also just like daddy check out the
muscles on his arm!

Oh, my pregnancy news is out there. My family and friends
are now aware that I'm with children
and I'm glad to let it all out.
I just ask everyone who knows me not to share
with others that I went through fertility treatments, thank you!


  1. I go to the bathroom more in second tri than I did in first tri too lol.
    Your babies are so cute!!! Lucky you getting to see them in 4-d!

  2. Your bebes are adorable! I still love the fact that you are having one of each :)

    Sorry those little stinkers are squeezing your bladder. They probably need all the room they can get :)

  3. Awwww, they are adorable!! That is crazy they have 4D! And not cool about the peeing...I'm getting up once a night which seems like a lot, so i can't even imagine...hang in there!!

  4. Haha good luck finding that special toilet! I love seeing the u/s pics, wow!

  5. Awwww they are so cute!
    I hope you can get some good rest soon :)

  6. Ahh they are adorable! I'm so glad they are doing great!!!!!!

  7. LoL Shanny maybe you should design that toilet, I'm sure pregnant women everywhere will make you rich!

    Its so funny how it looks like the girl is elbowing the boy, they are perfect!

  8. You are so funny girl and you make adorable babies too, love the 4D pics!

  9. I love it, a recliner toilet with built in pillows! Now that's a product I might invest in lol

    I can't believe how amazing the 4d pictures are, especially the boy's its so clear =)

  10. Shanny you are so cute looking for that specific toilet, good luck lol

    Wow on the ultrasounds, they are so awesome! Too bad the girl is shy but how cool to see her sucking already and the boy really is a showoff :)

  11. Those 4-D ultrasounds are AMAZING! They are so happy for you!

    Yeah, and good luck finding that toilet, lol!

  12. Love the pictures! They are amazing. And let me know if you find a toilet like that. I feel like I'm already peeing like crazy and I know it will just get worse. :)

  13. I think you should be very proud you went through fertility! You are an awesome strong gal!

  14. Aw your babies are so gorgeous!

  15. Ahhhh, the babies are perfect! My heart is so full of joy! I gave you an award on my blog, sweet shanny! xo

  16. InfertileNaomi,

    I am proud of going through infertility treatments but I think its one of those news you share for yourself. It irks me when people share other people's business when its not their announcement to make. We will see how it goes :)

  17. Wow, those pics are awesome! It feels awesome to "tell the world" doesn't it?! Congrats again!

  18. Atleast it is your butt on the toilet and not your head in the toilet anymore! Your pics are amazing! They actually look like little tiny babies now! Congrats!

  19. They look great!!! The joke about the pillow recliner is SOOOO true. I must tell you it is going to get WORSE :) But once again I wouldn't trade it and I am sure neither would you:)

    I completely agree that it is up to you whether or not you tell people about your infertility treatments and NOBODY else's buisness!!

  20. AWWW! I love the pictures of your babies. I wish I had gotten a 4d u/s. I'm so happy for you guys Shanny, I can't believe you're 17 weeks already the time has flown by. Girl, the next time I have a secret covert operation I'm going to recruit you. you are the BEST secret keeper I know, lol. I couldn't imagine being 17 weeks pregnant with TWINS and just now telling everyone. Girl you're good! ;)

  21. A boy and a girl!?! That is so exciting. Congratulations!

  22. Ohhhh I remember the days of never leaving the toilet... Or always scoping out who is using the bathroom in case I needed to make a beeline for it:( boo on that!

    And the babies are GORGEOUS!
    Tell them bloggy Aunty Amber says "I love you!" You can just get Jeff to get real close to your belly an pass that message on ok? Thanks!


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