Friday, September 6, 2013

Err... Hi?

You know who is a bad blogger? Me.
I'm not even sure I could call myself one any more. But.... anyway... hi and stuff ;)

Apparently I am capable of making empty promises. I didn't know I would dare do such thing, but I did. A couple months back I said I would blog more and I disappeared instead. How does that happen? I dunno *shrugs*

What you didn't do was read the fine print. I meant eventually I would blog more, yes. That is what I meant. And I'm still not committing, I'm just saying.

I will leave you with some pics of a little vacation we took in August. Hopefully that is worth some forgiveness, because I'm showing you the kids, and who could be upset after seeing little ones having fun? Right? Right!

Natalia forcing her love on Noah

The big man

The little Lady

Go, horsey, go!

I love Paco the horse!

I'm the volcano King

I'm Superman! (She was saying this)

We still know how to sleep like proper twins!