Monday, March 25, 2013

My Princess and My Rocket Scientist

My Princess...
*She likes to wear flowy dresses and spin and say "Natty Princess"
*She loves to count everything in English and Spanish.
*She loves to sing ABC and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
*She likes combing her hair... and bang the brush on Mommy's head.
*She groups her blocks by color, letters and numbers.
*She is very good at figuring out puzzles.
*She knows to manipulate all of us with her "pleeeeeeeaze", eye winks, and kisses.

My Rocket Scientist...
*He is obsessed with The Milky Way, Space and planets.
*He likes to name everything in English and Spanish.
*He is obsessed with The Wheels on the Bus.
*He likes to build houses, castles and tunnels with his blocks.
*He loves to spell.
*He really, really would love to have his very own rocket ship.
*He is do-it-yourself-er. He is all hands on with doing anything.

*The are very good at understanding their "turns" to do things. Though they scream "My turn, my turn!" when you are done with the other one, with whatever: bathing, playing, cleaning, washing hands, etc, etc, etc.
*They figured out how to build "train tracks" together with foam puzzle pieces.
*They also figured out how to use the same pieces to make ramps and drive their cars down and to roll balls.
*The are obsessed with tunnels. Anything they can get under and scream tunnel is fun. Driving in the highway and going under bridges is big family game. They laugh and we lose our voices.
*The figured out they can make shapes with their hands and love to make circles, diamonds, and triangles.
*They like to draw and name what they made. Example: Natalia made two funny circles and called them eyes. And Noah drew some twisted line and called it snake.
*They are good at getting the basketball in the basket.
*They love to dance a.k.a. jump.
*They constantly call each other by their name... here is a conversation example:
(agua means water) (She calls herself baby sometimes)

"Where my agua? Where my agua Noah?"
"Oh here it is! Here Natty" He hands over her cup.
"Thanks Noah"
"You are welcome Natty"
"Natty drinking agua. Noah drink the agua!" Yeah, she is bossy.
"Okay Natty"
"Oh no! Baby mess!" Dropped some watter.
"Bad Natty!"
"It's okayyyyy, baby clean!"
"No Noah clean!
"Natty's turn" finishes and hands over towel or mommy's shirt... whichever.
"Noah's turn"
"Yay Noah!" She claps.
"I did it. Thanks Natty" He claps.
"Welcome Noah"
"Ride the bike Natty?"
"Yeah Noah in the hallway!"
"Look! One bike two bikes, weeeeeee"

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Kid's Nightmare...

What does it consist of?

As a young child, the only nightmare I remember was of me falling... I think we all dream of it at some point, heck, I still do from time to time. I know I would wake up in a panic because I didn't like it--that horrible falling feeling. But at two years old? They don't really know the falling feeling, so wassup with Natalia screaming her head off from time to time?

Noah wakes up and calls for me, I go and hug him, he gives me kisses and goes back to sleep.
Natalia screams NOOOOOOO, nooooo! and when I go to her she is fast asleep. Sometimes she is even crying. No tummy aches, no stuffy nose, the child is fine. I pick her up and give her some loving and she continues to sleep. What could they possibly dreaming?

Here are my top five nightmares for my two year olds:

1-Food is being taken away from them--well, mainly Natalia. The girl loves her food.
2-Daddy is hugging Mommy. How dare he?
3-I yelled at them for being naughty. Hmm, probably not, if they are dreaming they should be able to get away with it, no?
4-That they asked for candy or ice cream and I said no.
5-Err... that Mommy went out without them? Because they love me oh-so-much? Maybe?