Monday, November 26, 2012

Interview with Jeff...

I'm going to post a series of interviews with awesome people and I thought I'd start with Jeff...
It's mainly for bloggers but I'm going to add an exception or two.

Take Jeff for example, he is not a blogger but he is a blogger lover so he is in... yay!
(If you are interested in being one of my victims just let me know!)

So.... Jeff,  Hi ;)

- Why me? And no other woman in the whole world? (Ignore the gun on your head)

Well, because Shanny Said So!

You first captured me with your inviting smile and I loved that you laughed at my jokes.  From there, I realized you were worth keeping as you have above average intelligence, a great sense of humor, and could potentially teach me spanish in the future.  Sure, there were countless other women I could have chosen to make miserable, but I had the sense that you were the only one worth making miserable...for life! :)

- Describe yourself in 3 words.


- How is it being a father of twins?

It's a blessing...I love it even more since they started playing together for longer periods of time, thus freeing me up so I can respond to the numerous internet interviews I receive on a daily basis!  Being the father of twins feels like heaven...if we would've had triplets, I think I actually WOULD have died and gone to heaven.  It is exhausting but worth every second.  I live to see their smiles and hear their laughter.

- Why don't you blog?

Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too lazy, and I'd be too easily offended if I spent an hour thinking of a thought and got too few responses lol.  If I had a blog, I would probably be forced to pay people to read and comment so they could at least outnumber the spammers!

- Speak the thruth... are you planning on divorcing me?

I don't plan on it, however my Dad has been married 4 times and people say I'm just like him.  So watch your back Shanny...Hmmm...let's keep it real, even if I wanted to "plan it", do you really think I'd be organized enough to pull it off? You'd have to do it for me! At the end of the day, who else is gonna pick up my socks and put my cups in the sink???  Or even better, ahem, of course not sweetheart, the only thing I'm planning is loving you even more with every passing year :)

- Did you know that you are my favorite person?

I'd better be for all the stuff I put up with! Which is not much of course... Dear...

- Why are you so hard to control?

Because medically speaking, I'm hard of hearing and can't remember anything I agree to.  Duh...

- How do you feel about another set of twins?

Depends.  If they're females that are sexy and over 21, and I've got your approval, sounds great to me.  If you are serious about another set of twin kids, then I will divorce you.  However, I will pay child support.  I'm no deadbeat Dad!

- Have you ever... What was the last book you read?

"Can't you sleep, Little Bear?".  I can't believe I actually started a book and finished it!  (Mind you, it's for toddlers and you can count the number of pages on your hands lol).

- Which 3 celebrities am I supposed to give you a pass with?

Penelope Cruz
Jessica Alba
A younger Catherine Zeta Jones

- Tell me something funny about you and the kids...

No matter how much we love to drive you crazy, we love you.  And there is nothing funny about that...ok, can I get back to my sports now???


  1. You two seem like you are perfect for each other! So funny. You can interview me if you would like. One twin mom to the next. I'm not sure I'm that exciting though so feel free to pass as well lol.

    1. Will send you email once I'm feeling better!

  2. You two are great!
    I love that you would have to plan his divorce from you for him lol
    I take it he doesn't like to read?maybe he should read 50 shades and then give you his advice on your Christian Grey post!

    1. hmm... I would give him 50 shades to read but he might be disapointed that its not an illustrated book lol

  3. Aww because Shanny said so, so sweet ;)
    I wonder who makes who laugh more you are both funny!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. The two of you are perfect for each other. A man with a good sense of humor is a keeper for sure.


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