Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy First Father's Day Jeff!

And Happy Father's Day to everyone else!
(Well, only if you are a man... and a dad)

And Happy Father's Day to my Daddy!

Back to Jeff...

I knew when we first talked about kids, many years ago, that you would be a great Dad. I knew that you were meant to be one, and I knew that I wanted to make you one. It took a while, but it happened, and here you are sleepless, restless, stressed, and happier than I've ever seen you. The look in your eyes when you look at Natalia and Noah makes my heart smile. The look in their eyes when they look at you makes me jealous my heart cry tears of joy. I know they are blessed to have you. I know I'm blessed to have you. And I thank God everyday for whatever chain of events that happened to put you in my path because I couldn't imagine taking this ride with anyone else. The person that I am, the mother that I am is thanks to the support, understanding and love that I get from you. The influence you have on the kids makes me so excited to see how amazing the kids will turn out when they grow up, with a father like you... who wouldn't? And me? I am truly honored you chose me to be the mother of your kids. Happy First Father's Day my Love!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why is Mommy not sleeping?

The babies?
Sure... its always one of my babies. One of my three babies, I should say.

Yes, the twins wake me up every so often, because they are teething and get fever once in a while. But my other baby? You know, my original baby... the one I married... THAT one is a whole other story. He is such a good Daddy that even while he is sleeping he is in Daddy mode. He stresses about their well being and plays with them. Or so he thinks....

The man wakes me up every single night, at least once.  He does not know this, he is fast asleep, but he manages to do one or all, actually any variation you can think of, of the following:
  1. Shakes me violently to go check on babies.... mind you if and when they make a sound, he sleeps right through it.
  2. Burps me.
  3. Or burps one, or both, of my boobs. When it was full of milk, it was not fun. Otherwise, well...
  4. Or, or, OR lifts one of my legs all the way up and starts patting my calf... no one, likes to be woken up that way, no one. And if you are reading this and think you would like that, call a psychologist.
  5. He pushes me out of the way to look for the baby. Whichever one.
  6. Pulls the blanket off of me to hug it.
  7. Talks to "them".... loudly.
  8. Caresses my head..... over and over and over... you get the picture.
  9. Farts. (Ok, this has nothing to do with babies, but it happens)
  10. And my favorite. It happened 2 nights ago: He pulls my pillow away from me (I had just returned from peeing checking on babies) and continues to throw it in the air exactly two times brings it down and kisses it, he threw it again in the air two more times and then kisses it, and again and again. I'm in disbelief staring at him until I wanted my pillow back. I tried to tell him it was just a pillow but he yelled at me and told me he is playing with the baby, I of course, asked which one... he said MY BABY, in a very condescending tone I might add. So I did the most natural thing, I grabbed my cell phone to video tape him, but Jeff being Jeff, stopped and turned right around to give me his back and continued sleeping.

And me? I'm once again awake and tired and confused and laughing my butt off (both butts). And then I get angry. The man never lets me video tape him, he stops right when I start to set up the video. I'm not sure I'm more upset because he wakes me up or because he never lets me tape him. a wife needs something to blackmail their husband with, you know? Not cool Jeff, not cool.

All in all, I'm just glad he hasn't tried to put a diaper on me =)