Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy First Father's Day Jeff!

And Happy Father's Day to everyone else!
(Well, only if you are a man... and a dad)

And Happy Father's Day to my Daddy!

Back to Jeff...

I knew when we first talked about kids, many years ago, that you would be a great Dad. I knew that you were meant to be one, and I knew that I wanted to make you one. It took a while, but it happened, and here you are sleepless, restless, stressed, and happier than I've ever seen you. The look in your eyes when you look at Natalia and Noah makes my heart smile. The look in their eyes when they look at you makes me jealous my heart cry tears of joy. I know they are blessed to have you. I know I'm blessed to have you. And I thank God everyday for whatever chain of events that happened to put you in my path because I couldn't imagine taking this ride with anyone else. The person that I am, the mother that I am is thanks to the support, understanding and love that I get from you. The influence you have on the kids makes me so excited to see how amazing the kids will turn out when they grow up, with a father like you... who wouldn't? And me? I am truly honored you chose me to be the mother of your kids. Happy First Father's Day my Love!


  1. AWWW how sweet! What a great daddy! hope you showed him is just too sweet for words!!


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