Sunday, February 26, 2012

Best Fitness Advice Ever

It's quite simple really. Are you ready for it? Ok, here goes:

Don't take any fitness advice from me.

I've been pretty consistent with my routine for a few months now. And oddly enough it's not working. Perhaps you'll help me figure it out? I do weights and cardio. I watch what I eat. I log what I eat. And I feel fantastic doing it. I've putting the kids to bed and running down to my cold basement to do my thing at night. One problem? It leaves me energized so I don't sleep right away and so I'm tired the next day.

No, I can't work out in the mornings. The glue from my sheets is set to release me *just* in time to get myself and the kids ready in the mornings before leaving for work. No deviations from the plan. Getting up at 5:30 in the morning is just ridiculous. At one point I fooled myself into believing that I would get up and start my day right. I did it a handful of times and that was it. Nigh time works better for actually having a routine.

But really... it hasn't been working lately. (Here comes the problem you were supposed to help me solve) I mean what's wrong with working out one full week, and taking two off, back on for one more week and then two off again, and so on and so forth? A routine, is a routine, is a routine... why does it matter that its not often? No need to answer, really. I know its bad. I wish it was easier. I was doing good (3 weeks straight) until I found out about losing my job, and that was.... umm... a lil over 3 weeks ago. My inspiration is gone and I'm oh so sad. And not happy. Boo. =(

Monday, February 13, 2012

It's Not You, It's Me....

I have recently been given this line.
Well, not in those exact words but let's no get technical, kay?

The company I work for has decided to brake up with me.
Well kind of. The big people decided that my position is no longer necessary to help them with their business. They are WRONG and they will find out soon enough. And no it's not bitterness talking it's just the truth. I work for a huge company- very well known- so for legal reasons I will not be getting into details. Hundreds of us across the country are going to be out of a job so don't go thinking that I'm not a hard worker. If you think that low of me then you think that low of all those other people that none of us know, so behave. We are just victims of this horrible economy.

I've known for a couple of weeks but I suppose that I have been living in denial. They are offering some of us the opportunity to stay for different positions but that's no good. I worked hard to get where I am and I don't want to step down, I simply don't think it makes any sense for me. Besides, the working hours are in no way family friendly so I decided to take whatever pay off they are giving me, spend some quality time with the kids and win the lotto. OK, so that last part was just wishful thinking, in reality I'm considering going back to school. I'm not sure if its a possibility yet since I have the twins and a mortgage to worry about but we shall see. In a way I feel that this is a push from the man above and if I don't take a leap of faith now, then when?

I have until the end of March. At that point I will be joining all of my unemployed peeps and I'm very nervous. I am also very very sad. I cannot believe that I have to say good bye to all of my co-workers and friends. I've worked with them for many years and having to leave is heartbreaking. My life is about to take another big change, am I ready? Nope. Oh Boy.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Knock, Knock...

Who is there?

Apparently not me...
Maybe I'll go to bed...

Did that even rhyme? Did it make sense? I dunno...
This right here is just a test to see if anyone in the web world remembers me. I think I died but came back to life. If you watch TV or read silly books then you'll know that it is entirely possible that what I'm saying is true. How else do you explain me writing now after so long? Exactly. And we all know its not a ghost writing cause that's not possible, so there. That's what happened, I died... but I'm back =)