Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses....

As you may have noticed, I've been MIA. These are my excuses:

1-Jeff has been sick for the past 3 weeks, the last 2 he's been fighting severe upper respiratory infection. He is finally doing better but I still have him sleeping on the couch because the coughing is still crazy. I'm fine, thank goodness but he has been using the computer and coughing all over it, which is to blame for my lack of blogging and commenting.

2- I've been having lots of headaches and nausea so blogging from my phone, which is what I'm doing right now, is tough. The screen is just not helpful when you are sick :(

3-I'm exhausted! And that's all....
I hope to catch up soon! Happy belated birthday to my Mommy (on my blog; I did see her in pers) and
Happy Birthday to Ashley over at For the Love of Shoes and a baby too! (Can't do a link or comment from phone)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Everything is Grape!

I had my consultation with the new OB today. She is nice and made us feel comfortable and the practice isn't too far from home. BUT her sonogram machine is pretty outdated. I've been so spoiled that I'm not sure if I would or should let that be a deal breaker. I know my old OB's machines are newer than this one but I didn't like that she always seemed busy which is why I wanted to try someone new. That and Jeff hated her nasally voice. I dunno what to do. Jeff is fine with this OB's voice so that's a plus. Though she is the only person in this practice so she'll probably be very busy too. Decisions, decisions! (The other practice has several doctors)

This was just a consultation but she went ahead and gave us an ultrasound when we both made disappointed faces about not seeing the babies. Score! As I said, the machine is outdated. There is no second screen on the wall for better view. She only had the tiny little old monitor and there was no sound so we didn't hear the heartbeats. We saw the flickers but that's it. Ok, that's not it. Baby A's hearbeat was 161 BPM and Baby B's was 172 BPM. How she figured that I don't know, the measurement was really fast. And we didn't get any sonogram pics, but maybe that's because it was just a consult.

The biggest thing? This was my very first abdominal sonogram. No more dildo cams, woohoo! Both babies were active, we saw them both moving a lot but Baby B took the upper hand on this one. Baby B seemed pretty hyper, I think after hiding out on us last week he/she was so excited to see us that he/she couldn't stay put. I loved every second of it... even if we had to squint to see them. Oh, and if you didn't figure it out by the title, this week they are each the size of a grape.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things I've realized

I don't know what these are going to do for you but I amuse myself with them. These are some things that I've realized while lazying my behind in bed:
  1. I have NO privacy. Ever. I have 2 sets of eyes following me around wherever I go and I just hope they are not judging me.
  2. Right now I'm making a fool of the legal system. They have no idea that I have 2 minors working, that they are driving themselves to & from work AND that they don't even use car seats. We are living dangerously!
  3. Being angry, sad and frustrated definitely makes for a better writer. Why is it tough to come up with inspiration when everything is nice and dandy? (Except for when you wanna puke your guts out, but I'm NOT about to complain about that)
  4. I still cringe when I see needles. Now that its over, I cannot for the life of me believe that I injected myself for over a month a few times a day with those nasty little things. The memory has been deleted, no joke.
  5. Umm, I'm going to need a LOT of diapers. Nothing amusing about this one, just stating a fact. There is going to be lots of poo in my house so I better start collecting diapers from now.... well that and air fresheners...
  6. After the babies are born, I can use them as my weights to get back in shape. And as I get stronger they get heavier, sweet! Nature's perfect arm curls =)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy And Sad...

I had my appointment this morning and it went great. As far as I was told last week it was supposed to be just bloodwork but we ended up getting the ultrasound also. Yay! We saw the babies and that alone has me smiling all day long =)

Twin A is measuring 8w5d with a heartbeat of 170 BPM
Twin B is measuring 8w6d with a heartbeat of 183 BPM

Great, great, great!
Twin B's position didn't allow us to see him/her clearly but we were able to see the umbilical cord. Weird. BUT Twin A's position showed us the little hand buds as well as its legs/feets buds. And the major thing? We saw Twin A moving! The tiny little legs flapping around! This was frigging amazing, maybe not a big deal for others but I can't get over it. I've been watching the video over and over. Yes, Jeff video tapes all of the ultrasounds so that we can watch them obsessively. And as the doctor said, it will be used to embarrass them when they are older.

So why am I sad? This was the last appointment at my fertility clinic. I love that place and as much as I'm happy that I graduated to a regular OB I'm still sad to leave them. Everyone at the clinic is nice and attentive and my doctor is just plain awesome. So much that Jeff wishes we could hire him as our personal OB and to help us give birth. No can do =(
If things continue to progress nicely and I'm blessed with the babies being born healthy we are so going back to make sure we get a pic of the doctor with the twins. Its a must! He did after all play a major role in impregnating me.

For now? I can't wait to reach the end of the first trimester so that I can breathe peacefully. I'm still scared and in the danger zone so I'm going to remind everyone again to please keep this info to themselves. Once I feel safe I just might start taking belly pics, no difference yet if anyone is wondering.... its all bloat and not anything you want to see, trust me!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Let The Farting Begin!

I know I haven't been around the bloggy world much lately, but you'll have to excuse me. I've been busy trying my darnest to create a permanent mold of my body in my bed. And also of my butt print on my couch, if you must know. Now, I'm NOT going to complain about feeling exhausted, sick on and off, or about living with a helish heartburn 24/7. BUT I will tell you that those are the culprits for my lack of blogging. Now on to the good stuff: GAS!

As of yesterday, my Labbies (lab made babies) and I have reached our 8th week of pregnancy or what we could call the farting stage. Why farting? Because they are now the sizes of Kidney Beans and we all know what those are good for... Luckily for me I'm a lady so I don't do that..... (I will not be giving any comments to confirm or deny that statement)

My Labby Kidney Beans have webbed fingers & toes, eyelids and apparently they are moving around and shifting positions already. And if you ask me, this is the perfect week to start doing that.... No one wants to be trapped in the same area as a stinky fart. Isn't it amazing how early we become aware of survival?!

Anyway, this is also the first in 3 weeks that I will not be seeing my babies. My appointment on Wednesday is all about blood work and nothing else, boo! Next week however, I *might* see them. We are going for a consult with a new OB because my current one is just too busy for my taste. Hopefully this new OB does the right thing and shows us our babies. If she does then I'm almost positive I'll like her.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I saw my Blueberries!

Not that I'm calling them blueberries, but that's their size equivalent this week. Which of course prevents me from eating any blueberries this whole week, mind you I do have some at home staring at me, they'll get over it.

Twin A's heartbeat was 154 BPM
Twin B's heartbeat was 160 BPM

And they are both measuring 7 weeks 6 days, 3 days ahead, woohoo!.
Grow babies, grow!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Venting time....

I really hate it when I'm forced to be rude but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. This past weekend I attended my cousin's baby shower which was a lot of fun and I just have to say she looked adorable with that baby bump! Oh, and she is having a baby girl =)

At the shower we have this particular aunt/family friend who is one of those people who likes to get into other people's business. Since I've been married, every single time she sees me she questions me about having a baby. Of course I expected it at the shower and I said to her what I said to anyone else who asked: I (faked) laughed and said "don't worry about it, let's just enjoy my cousin's shower" (I'm not saying her name) and that was that. Other people let it go, not her. It went down something like this:

Her: Shanny, so when are going to have a baby?
Me: (laughing) Oh don't worry about it, let's just enjoy my cousin's shower.
Her: But don't you think its time? No insect bit you yet?
Me: No, I'm good for now. (Still laughing)
Her: Shanny but its time for you and Jeff to make something happen.
Me: No, really don't worry about it. (Not laughing anymore)
Her:What's the matter? Jeff can't bite?
Me: That really isn't any of your business. Every time you see me you have to ask, please let it go.
Her: But what's going on? What's the matter with Jeff? Something wrong?
Me: Does it affect your life if we have kids or not? (Fuming!)
Her: .........................
Me: No, it doesn't affect your life so that's it. Let it go.

And of course, right now I'm the bad person; she doesn't see that she is the one who made me become a disrespectful person in the first place. I don't like being disrespectful but I must admit I still don't feel guilty. She really picks on everyone who comes across her path. The only thing is that it probably affects my Mom's name now because her daughter was out of line with someone who we've known for years and that even babysat me as a kid. It just irks me, granted they don't know any of my issues and its not their business anyway, but they need to know when to stop. You have to know when you are being nosy and insulting, gosh!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cause I have no shame...

I'm showing you my inside.

I feel a little violated, but I guess its a small price to pay. In the video you will hear Jeff being amazed while I'm too busy crying my eyes out.... These are mah lab made babies:

Aren't they the cutest????

Ba Bump Ba Bump Ba Bump X 2 :) :)

The appointment was awesome! The high tech ultrasound machine at my RE's office is my favorite evah! Probably because it gave me what I wanted, but still. I was so shocked when I heard the first heartbeat I think I stopped breathing. I thought it would have been a swush sound but it was just like a normal adult's heartbeat. I loved hearing both:

Ba bump, ba bump, ba bump, ba bump....

Love them!

Twin A was 135 BPM and Twin B was 130 BPM. They are both measuring 6 weeks 4 days which is right on target and their heart rates are where they are supposed to be. It was AMAZING!

Jeff video taped it, we'll try to figure out if and how to upload it. If not, then its OK with me cause I have it. I know, I'm selfish :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Going Ons...

First I want to mention that I skipped right over my 200th post without realizing it :-/
This is my 204th post, its no cause to party but its interesting enough for me. Somewhat.

Anyway, let me get back to what has been going on.

I've been sicky. It has started my friends. Morning sickness, boo! Its not cool. Actually, it pisses me off because I had promised myself that I wouldn't get sick and I hate letting myself down. If there is someone I can always count on is me and now I can't even believe in my own words, what has the world come to? Scary stuff people, scary stuff.

I had hints of it last Friday but I brushed it off. Then it really hit me on Sunday and everyday since. Its almost an all day thing of feeling "off" and almost pukey with horrible headaches. My head sometimes feels like its spinning and my heartburn comes and goes. The most confusing part is when I'm very naseous and feel like I can't eat but I'm so hungry I feel like I'm about to swallow myself from the inside out. Weird. Luckily, its not so bad that I can't try to fake it at work. Except for when I'm told I look green, not cool Brenda.. not cool. And there I was thinking I was fooling people, ah well.

I think I can handle feeling like this. Its not ideal to go around with a big smile when you feel like you have the flu but hey, I can't grow two humans and not feel a thing can I? And if I get worse? I will NOT hesitate to request some kind of prescription to help me out. For my job, where I deal with people and I can't hide out,  I need to feel as good as possible. Puking on clients would not be good for business, even if they deserve it.

On other news, tomorrow is my second ultrasound. It will be 6 weeks 5 days and I'm praying we get to see both heartbeats. I'm very very anxious!