Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Perfect Strike Back

What to do if someone picks on you? Well, you get them right back.

I called my body stupid and told it that I hate it. My body's reaction was to wait and strike back at just the right time. It went ahead and ovulated just in time for me to get my period on June 13th. The day my cruise sails.

Not only will I not be able to TTC in June but now I'll have my period during the trip. I may not like it but I have to give my body some props. It sure knows how to mess with me.

I thought of calling the Dr and ask to take Clomid with me on the trip so I'll be back just in time to be monitored and for them to trigger ovulation. But I guess that would take away from my TTC free cruise, I dunno... I also don't want to have to wait until August to try again. I know my body and I know I won't get AF in July so basically I'm confused.

PS- Dear Body: I love you and I'm sorry I called you names. Stop being a biotch, Okay?


  1. :( Oh Shanny, I'm sorry sweetie. Your body has a sick, sick sense of revenge. ((hugs))

  2. I'm sorry my dear! Revenge really is a b*tch. I think I'll apologize to my own body asap.

  3. Oh Shanny...that stinks. I am so sorry. Hopefully you are O'ing right now and will be ktfu before you leave for your cruise:) ::Note to self, stop cursing out body on a daily basis::

  4. "You catch more flies with honey" ... or something like that. Glad you're making up with your body.

    Winks & Smiles,


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