Monday, December 3, 2012

Life With Giggles... The Interview

Who doesn't like to giggle?
Well, I'll introduce you to one girl whose life is all about it!
Meet a bloggy friend who likes to have fun and share her thoughts in full honesty over at Life With Giggles, I'll let her do the talking:

Hiya there!

My name is Kenya and I blog over at Life with Giggles. I am a wife of 4 years to a man who deals with my corny jokes. I am a fur baby mama to a yorkiepoo named Sadie who likes to pee on my bed and steal socks from our laundry. I love chocolate. I am fun-sized, not short! I am just pure awesomeness.

Why Giggles?
Because I am that girl who has the most annoying loud laugh. Once I start giggling, I can't stop. It is like a sickness! And to top it off, I laugh like the tickle me Elmo doll. No joke!

What would you do if I sent a bunch of guys wearing white sunglasses your way?
I would punch each one in the face. And after that, I would punch them in the face again. Freaking douches.

Who is your star crush? Only one!
Are you serious? I can only pick one?!?! This is not fair. That's like telling me I have to pick between chocolate cake and chocolate brownies....
You can't just pick one! But it is YOUR blog, so I guess I can answer with one. So here it is... I will go with The Rock. Have you seen him lately? Oh Lordy is he on fire. He works out, cooks, acts, and just exudes hotness. What more can a girl ask for? But let's get one thing straight, HE IS MINE, ALL MINE. No stealing. I know know, it is tempting... But you are poop out of luck.

Morning or Night person?
I am a total morning person. Hubs is not. Which causes major problems in the Giggles household. Lets just say Saturday mornings, I am bouncy and ready to go out and the hubs is snoring away. Mind you it is 8am. So, now since we have the pups, I am on morning duty which means 6:30am since hat's when Sadie gets up to lick my face telling me she needs to pee. So at least I have a snuggle buddy in the morning time.

What is your favorite book of all time?
My favorite book is Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt.

Which one would you choose: Books, gadgets, or clothes?
I choose books and clothes. And don't give me lip about how I was suppose to choose one. You failed to note that in the question. #WINNING

Why do you blog?
Because it makes me happy. Blogging has helped me in learning who I am.  And the connections I have made with people are amazing.

What have you learned these past four years of marriage? Any wisdom to share?
It is hard work. I never signed up for hard work. I think a guidelines book should come with the ring when the guy proposes. If I would have known that I would have to cook 99% of the time, clean 80% of the time, have to smell the hubs farts, have to witness the hubs clip his toe nails, have to share sheets and bed space... I would have added some clauses in the agreement. But seriously, marriage takes a lot of work and it seems every year that passes, we have to work harder. But I think what everyone needs to remember is that communication is key. And also, make sure you giggle!

There you go!

Isn't she fun? Yes, yes she is! Clicky here to follow her! Also, if I may... I think Kenya Giggles sounds like a great name, no? Perhaps she should change it, just saying...
Also, don't forget to tune in next Monday for my next victim ;)


  1. Ahhh.. Love it!! Thanks girly!!!

    1. NO! Thank you for agreeing to being interviewed =)

  2. LOL
    I cracked up @ having to smell the hubs farts! they like to do that far too much. Giggles is funny!

  3. Funny. I giggled....
    Shanny's mom

  4. Haha this was really cute! And OMG the Rock really is fine, yum!

    1. Yummy... but drool when Kenya can't see you lol


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