Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You know what's NOT fun?

Being sick... with sick twins.
Don't try it.
I'm here to tell you: it SUCKS!

A week and a half later and I'm still sick. Five days later and Natalia is still sick. And we are just one day in on Noah getting sick. Natalia and I have the same Mother/Daughter voice: RASPY and totally not in a cute way. Well not me anyway, Natty sounds adorable.... umm, when she is not crying, of course.

I haven't taken her to the doctor. Why? Well, she is playful (mostly), she is eating, no diarrhea/no puking, I have her hydrated and her fever is in check. What exactly will the doctor tell me to do that I'm not already doing? Noah, though? He is another story. So far he is OK. But it did take us girls like 2-3 days to really go down. He has a much weaker immune system and we have to make sure he doesn't stress out much. I've dealt with them with a cold/fever before but this one right now is a whole other level when I, myself, wanted my Mommy at my worst. Hopefully Noah's daily steroids keeps him from getting as bad as Natty since its supposed to be an anti-inflammatory too.

Either way, I'm over this. It's shitty and getting in the way of my Christmas spirit.
I need us to feel better so I can go shopping, I need to decorate... well I need to clean and then decorate, and I need happy kids for a happy season. And yeah, I need to sleep. And Jeff needs NOT to get sick too. And then I want to sleep some more. That's all. Then I can really have fun during the holidays... who can make that happen? Like not now, but RIGHT now?


  1. Sick mommy + sick multiples = WRONG Get better. We all just survived 2 weeks of the evil stomach virus. I am now on edge all the time waiting for the next sickness. NOT a fun way to welcome in the Christmas spirit.

    1. Oh SO wrong! Glad you guys are doing well now =)

  2. Awww I hope you and your babies get well soon!!

  3. I feel ya.. I am desperately trying to kick this nasty cold out!

  4. Oh poor babies AND mommy, ya'll feel better soon!


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