Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Kids:

 They grow way too fast!
Yes, everyone says that, like all the time about all kids...
well, everyone is right.
These two little ones are up to lots of good things:
They like to spell words,
Noah more than Natalia... typical girl, she has to be in the mood.
They like to have family dinner, even if they are forced to sometimes.
They like it I say!
They are obsessed with balls.
Noah loves basketball & really knows how to dunk, even from a distance.
Natalia can kick a ball with a fantastic force and good aim.
They are still all about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,
though they call it Minnie.
They also like Little Einsteins. Good, that's what I need them to be.
They say "excuse me" if they fart. And if you do they
will remind you to say it too, no if's and's or but's.... once again
Noah more than Natalia because she just likes to do what she wants,
when she wants, and if she wants.
If we sneeze or cough, they love to fake cough & laugh at us. Over & over.
And over again.
If they go into the bathroom with you,
once you are done they say either: "Bye bye peepee"
Or "Bye bye bathe."
They also like to say "Bye bye nite nite" when we take
 them out of their bedroom.
If they are in their bedroom, you must knock the door before going in,
and you are only allowed to enter if they say: "come in"
All in all,
they are very good kids, Noah is an angel and umm...
Natalia is too... you know, in an evil kinda way.
After almost two years,
I'm fairly confident that I'm keeping them.


  1. OMG they are so cute! Yes, and big too :)
    LOL @ Natalia also being an angel in an evil way!

  2. What well mannered children you're raising!!! i'm impressed!!!!


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