Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Killed That B...

That B... being my inner Goddess.


Because of Anastasia Steele. And let me tell you I didn't even know I had an inner Goddess but in case she decided to come out and annoy me, I killed her.

So, I gave in and I'm reading 50 Shades of Grey. Edward and Bella Christian and Ana are okay-ish. Why didn't anyone warn me that it was Twilight characters minus Vampires and supernatural stuff? (well, with some added xxx) I had no idea of this going in that I would encounter the same Mr. Greek-God-copper hair- Crooked smiled-Extra millionaire- adopted kid- who disarms anyone who looks at him and is fascinated by clumsy-mousy-brunette-shy-virgin-whose parents are pretty much Bella's parents- that doesn't understand the effect she has on Christian, and it kept me distracted the whole time instead of getting into this story.

 I'm not done with the first book yet but I had to share my annoyance. Not because of the characters, I just didn't know to expect this but I can live with that. But Ana's inner Goddess? I want to shoot her. Must she Gasp! her thoughts so often and THEN say what she thought again? I swear this book would have 50% less words if the inner goddess didn't show up every other line to repeat what we already read word for word. If/when I ignore her, I get into the story and am interested enough to know what happens but every so often I just want to put my kindle on the floor and jump on it.

If you like the inner goddess, I'm happy for you because she sure pops up a lot. I'm not trying to tell you to hate her too, I just can't deal with her. In the beginning, I thought it was cute but now... grrr. That's it that's all I had to say. Except for... yes, I'm still going to finish reading it. And no, I don't have a gun on my head but I had a bone to pick and I'm picking it, and now I can move on ;)


  1. hahahaaha.... Will you read the rest or no?

    1. Yes, I will. I'm interested enough to know what happens... besides I got the books in a bundle, & I'm not wasting the $ lol


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