Wednesday, January 9, 2013


How bad is it that I have my kids play fetch so that I can drink coffee?

I collect a couple of balls and throw them down the hallway and make them bring the balls to me, while they are busy running back and forth I take a delicious sip of coffee. If I throw it far enough, I even get to close my eyes and enjoy that split second before having to guard the coffee mug from being hit with their almost perfect aims.

Today I even used the word "fetch," I almost hung my head in shame but then I looked at my coffee, thought about the past few nights I spent with feverish toddlers and decided since they were no longer sick it was OK for them to play "puppies." Not that I'm calling them puppies, but I figured if one of them want to be an actor later on in life, I'm helping them learn to play characters. And so I laughed and played fetch a few more times.

So, they learn to act, they get exercise and practice their aims, they laugh their butts off and I get caffeine into my system. Good mother all around, no? Ummm, this is where you say yes... and if you disagree I'll get them to throw the balls at your head :D


  1. GENIUS mother is what I call it!

  2. sounds like a good plan to me. I've called my kids worse things than puppies (shh, don't tell).

  3. lol! I call it survival. There are the things we read in parenting books and then they're is real life.


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