Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Worth Every Moment... the Interview...

Hey guys, this time around I bring you Brenna from Worth Every Moment a.k.a. Baby Steps- Life as a parent. She is a Mom of two, she is a crafter, and a loser... of baby weight! ;)

Tell us about your blog
My blog is titled "Worth Every Moment" because I initially intended for it to be a blog about parenthood, pregnancy, and the like. And I am a big believer in keeping a positive attitude about these things, because otherwise, the little frustrations and stresses will take over! Children are meant to be enjoyed, and I feel very blessed to have mine! Time has changed the blog, however, and I spend more time (at least lately) writing about my weight-loss journey. But, I want to get back into writing more about other things as well, like crafting! Someone needs to hold me to it!

When did we first "meet"?
I'm thinking it was probably on the knot.com...or through blogspot.com...I can't remember! Help me, Shanny!

What is the best weight loss advice you can give other Moms?
There is no "perfect way" to lose weight. What works for one person might not work for you. Also, there is a difference between something that is healthy and something that will make you lose weight. Try to learn the difference!

What /who are your inspirations?
In life, my family members are definitely my inspiration. For exercise, Mama Laughlin. For crafting – PINTEREST!!!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or blogging? or All?
Yeah….I don’t even know what Instagram IS really…twitter would be useless for me….so I vote facebook and blogging!
How do you find time to do craft projects? Which has been your favorite so far?
My favourite so far has been the felt playhouse I made for my kids this Christmas. They love to climb inside together and giggle! But it is hard to find time, especially with two destructive kids around, so the crafting I do tends to occur once they are in bed!
What are your goals for the new year?
My maternity leave is over, so a big goal is just to re-adjust to working, having two kids and still having time to do the things I need to do, and also the things that I enjoy. Also, to lose the little bit of weight I gained over Christmas, and to hopefully hit the 50-pound weightloss mark!!!
Thanks Brenna! Oh, we met...... I don't remember, that's why I asked :D... it's been a LOOOOONG time though... I think it was the nest.com? And I haven't even on that in years so you are practically Internet family ;)

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