Monday, June 17, 2013

Silly Problems...

Someone explain to me...

- Why do the twins let me kiss them up to six times, but the seventh time annoys them? Worry-not. I found a solution to making these heartbreakers give me what I want. I tell them not to kiss me and then they do... so much for teaching them to do what I say. Why listen... when they can do what I say NO too? (Little rebels) (So my kids)

- Is there a hypnosis thing going on in "The Wheels on the Bus" song? These two cannot get enough of it. At first it was annoying and then we started using it to our advantage: whenever we want to have adult conversation we put on a playlist on YouTube on the TV and we chat. We don't even "hear" it anymore. But it does go round and round...

- Why do the last 15 lbs I have to lose love me oh so much? WHY????
Why must it love me to death so much so that it refuses to break up with me?... Okay, so I have a soft heart and whenever I feel my fat feeling a bit sad I do give a bit of goodness to cheer it up, but come on! Crushing its feelings would be too mean, right? RIGHT? I know I have to do it, I know. I just have to toughen up and take control. (So not fun!)

What silly problems do you have?

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