Monday, June 10, 2013

Dah Fun Place!

No, not the bedroom. Stop it.
Not Disney either. (Though, I want to go) (I've never been) (I know!)

Dah Basement. Our basement.
We've made it our playroom. (Again, stop it!) We figured when we were pregnant with the twins, I obviously only mean me (but you try telling Jeff that), that we wouldn't be able to go out often. Little did we know that it actually meant almost never. So we worked hard to finish it up. Okay, so that actually means Jeff and my brother worked hard to finish it while I supervised. I did a good job too, I even got the eye rolls supervisors get along with the "talks behind my back." (I take my jobs seriously)

We put up a bar, a bookshelf for me 'cause I love to read, the laundry area, a 120 inch screen with a projector, and a pool-slash-ping pong table, the computer center, and the Xbox Kinect system.

Well, we hardly use it o_0
We don't go down much with the kids because there are too many things I fear they'll run into (and they already have upstairs to put toys in every single space they find), we don't play too much pool or ping pong because we figured its there and we can play whenever we want... and so that reasoning hasn't helped (also the kids love to steals the balls). The computer? Sees us rarely... we have our phones and laptop upstairs. The Xbox kinect? Well, that was played the most only one night but by my nephew, nieces and sister-in-law. We do make use of the screen, though. By that I mean, we have it in the box unopened, and instead of using it, we  enjoy our movies straight on the wall. What? Don't judge... it looks fantastic! On most Saturday nights, we put the kids down and run downstairs to watch a movie.

So much for plans... but hey its there and if we ever get too bored we can just go downstairs and figure out what kind of fun we can have there... (go ahead and think what you want at this point)


  1. I still can't get over that you have never been to Disney!

  2. Gosh, That so sounds like something we would do. And I'm sure that when the twins get older, you will all make good use of that space together.


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