Monday, June 3, 2013


Me thinks Summer is finally here.

I'm really not sure though, as soon as you get used to not wearing a light jacket and dare enjoy fifteen minutes of short sleeves, the wind picks up and shows you who is boss. And then? you freeze to death. Okay, not to death but if I don't give you a bit of dramatic flair, how am I supposed to get your attention?

I've heard the ice cream truck on and off for the past month and half and that is just confusing. Once they start driving around and teasing me with the music they should not be allowed to take days off. That being said, I don't actually go out to buy ice cream. The last thing I need is two little devils angels giving me hell begging looks to get them some of that goodness every single time they hear that magical sound. Basically, I'm training them to not know what the music means... while I suffer in silence o_0

We, by "we" I mean Jeff, got a used swing/slide set for Noah and Natty a few weeks ago but with the wild weather of too hot, kinda too cold, and rain uncertainty they kiddos have enjoyed it only about three times. I can't wait until I can take them out with no worries to tire them out for them to have fun. We are ready for Summer... but not the too hot kind. Can't have it all, I know. But, my solution to both the heat and the ice cream music is to munch on ice (who needs extra calories?) while I'm outside with the kids. And don't worry (mom) the kids have plenty of ice cream, promise.

And yes, we had to wear sweaters because of the wind. Boo!


  1. Haha those grandmas and their sweets! ;) I'm so excited summer is finally here, looks like they are having a blast on their new swing set!

  2. I make ice tea... and then freeze it in a bowl. When that baby is ready I attack it with a spoon and enjoy while hubs looks at me like I am a complete weirdo.

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  4. Love it! And you can send some of your cold over here and I'll send you some of the scorching heat we have here. Maybe they'll even out and we can all be happy?


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