Saturday, February 1, 2014

Teach Me to Teach You

There are books on everything.
There are books on how to walk, how to talk, and how to catch.
There are books on how to write and read, how to poop, and how to sleep.
There are books on how you are doing it right or wrong, if you have two or just one.

But there are  no books on the two of YOU.
My book on how to do things with the twins is called life.

I learn from them just as they learn from me.
I learn how to teach Natalia by singing, hugging, cheering and discipline with the occasional yelling.
I learn how to teach Noah by repeating, allowing him to do things himself,  and discipline with just a mean mommy look.
If all else fails, .... there is talking and understanding but there really is nothing like a lil spanking for some good memory branding.

They are different. So my approach in teaching them, discipline them, and even loving them is different. I got no books on this. Its trial and error. But we have fun. As they get older I need them to be a little clearer. I need them to teach me how to be the best mom I can be for each of them individually. I need to know how I can make them both amazing adults with love for life, with laughter filling all silence, with encouragement in following their dreams, fill them with kindness and confidence without them becoming arrogant, and even more... how do I teach them to get up after a fall? That its ok to fail, to defend themselves without causing harm to others, to stand up for what they believe, not to be bullies or become victims, to take care of each other, or how to be content with what they have?

I need them to teach me how to teach them how to be happy. (say that 3 times quick)
Because no book in the world will teach me that. And I'll never know if I got it right.
No pressure...


  1. A girl that I know posted tonight about an article she read stating " children who receive spankings are more likely to be depressed when they grow up". I'm proof that this isn't the case because I have surely had my share of spankings! I think you just do the best you can. Each kid is different-- like you said. I sure wish the mean look worked on my toddler! She couldn' t care less!!!! Haha!

    1. I got my share of spankings too, I think I'm ok... lol

  2. Yep, such is the quandary of motherhood. We do what we can to nurture our children in the best way we know how for each of them. Through focusing more on the connection between us than her behaviour, I have come to realize how sensitive my 3-year-old actually is. And how much like me, poor thing. :)

    1. Aww I think its adorable that she is like her mommy ;)

  3. Omg this is awesome! catchy and funny, and real. it's so true though all kids are different and we do our best but never know if they will appreciate what we do for them.

    beautiful post :)

    1. Thanks! I hope they appreciate it, if not I'll kiss them until they say they do lol

  4. shanny I miss you and your humor! Shoot me an email @

    I'm going to try to make a few posts about little scrip scrap this week and get my lifeup to speed online. :) Lets reconnect! Talk soon, Shannon (solo pronto)


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