Sunday, May 18, 2008


This morning I woke up with a headache. Could it be because I was out partying with Jeff last night? Absolutely!

We went to his co-worker's 50Th surprise birthday party. It was fun, we danced and ate, danced some more and got home late. We are party animals!(wooohooo!) I had half of a pina colada, I couldn't finish it because my stomach still felt upset and I had no more alcoholic beverages during the night *just in case* And, Yes, I danced through my upset/nauseous stomach... don't judge me! I did it for Jeff...... I swear!

I got up slightly dizzy this morning, which means that it was stupid to stand up so fast after laying down for hours... Silly Shanny... I learned my lesson. I had some Robitussin last night and this morning so I've been coughing out phlegm (sexy, I know), and my throat feels a lot better, awesome!

I still feel a little sick, but not as much as yesterday...Yay! So far I haven't any symptoms, but its still early so we will see. Don't panic! I will keep you updated... even if you care or not =)


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Are you sure you are sick and not pg signs? It could bring down your imune system and make you sick, just saying.

  2. :) :):)hope you fell better and good luck


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