Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas to do list

  1. Finish decorating.
  2. Buy new ornaments and change the tree.... Its already up but for some reason I'm not feeling my ornaments this year. I want new ones 'cause you know: new house, new look. Though, I doubt I'll get to that one this year.

  3. Christmas shopping... Um, I'm very late with that. Shame on me.. and Jeff.. I'm not taking all the blame here.

  4. Start writing our Christmas cards and send them out. At least we already have them, right?

  5. Stop procrastinating. I know this should be on top of my list but if I move it up then I have to start with that one... not much fun.

On other news:

-We never did find our camera charger so we ordered a new one... from China. According to Jeff it was much cheaper and I shouldn't be upset that it will take a few weeks. His point was that we already had months without a camera so what's my rush? Um, I dunno... Christmas? I want nice holiday pics but I guess he is right so I can't argue his point. I do have my camera phone so that will do. I guess.

-My next RE appointment is Wednesday the 17th. I'll find out what we are going to do for sure about the whole baby making business.

-Think I'm giving up Twilight so easily? Well, no. This is what I want:


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