Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2nd Betas

I went yesterday to get more blood work done to see how the pregnancy was progressing. The results were OK but not great.

My HCG went from 7 to 19.
My Progesterone went from 8 to 11.

The good thing is that they went up. The HCG more than doubled which is what we want and the progesterone supplements seem to be working. The bad thing is that the numbers are on the low side.

I go back tomorrow to do third betas and hopefully the numbers are up again. I'm freaking out but still hopeful. Lets wait and see...


  1. Shanny,
    Lots and lots of prayers coming your way. Keep your chin...you never know what could happen :)

  2. Good luck! It would be fun to be pregnant at the same time!

  3. Your numbers are awfully low, but that can be due either to early detection of pregnancy or just low hormone levels. However, it's not AS important what they are as just that they are increasing like they are supposed to. I'm glad they are going up and I wish you the absolute best. I'm praying for you and your precious little baby.

  4. Lot of prayers going up for you sweet friend!

  5. That is great news that your betas doubled! I will be thinking good thoughts for you for your next labs :)

  6. As long as your numbers doubled, that's all that matters. And not to mention... Your HPT had a very very light line and you weren't even sure if that's what you were seeing. Your Doctor had to confirm with a blood test. So, that being said, I think you are just really early. Sending you lots of doubling dust for your draw tomorrow!

  7. I missed your anouncement! I tried to comment yesterday but it wouldn't let me! I wanted to say congrats and keep your head up! You are probably just really early!


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