Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Leading a junkie's life?

Not for me.

I was definitely not born to become a drug junkie. I couldn't do it even if my life depended on becoming an addict. Of course that would never be the case for anyone but I thought it sounded dramatic enough to make a point.

I went this morning to get more blood work done and taking my co-worker and friend Brenda’s advice I looked as the needle was inserted. I usually don’t look; I tend to turn my head the other way and just feel the needle. This morning I stared and watched as that woman pushed that needle in, and for some reason it hurt more. Of course I think it was just my mind playing tricks on me but it was painful regardless. She kept pushing it further and further in, I almost yelled at her to stop but maybe she sensed danger and decided it was in deep enough. Do they really need it to almost reach my shoulder? Do they? I’m so glad I never looked before or I would have never agreed to all those blood tests that were done to me. OK I would have but only because it was for my baby. By the way, they were checking to see if the pregnancy hormone fully left my body and blood count and whatever other levels pertain to the methotrexate shot. Last week my HCG was down to 29, and today it was 7.9, not good. Still barely pregnant. Never thought I would say "still being pregnant" is not good, ah well. Just need to move on and get this whole experience over with.

So back to this needle business, how do intravenous drug junkies do it? I absolutely would be a disgrace to them if I were supposedly an addict. And if that’s not reason enough for them to stop, they really are stupid. I absolutely oppose drug use but I’m not getting into that in this post. Worse than regular injections, how do some people (like models) have the courage to push needles in between their toenails? That’s some serious sickness in the head. Shame on them!

It’s not only intravenous drugs that would make me a bad addict. Anything that makes me feel high really gets on my nerves. Cold medicines? Heck no. The worst one for me is Nyquil. It’s so not for me! I’m so sensitive that even non-drowsy meds make me sick. I wish that those suffering from addiction had my same issues so that they would stop hurting themselves. Now, if you are talking about painkillers you can count me in. I don’t like to endure pain if I don’t have to. I really appreciated getting morphine in my IV when I was in the hospital, but it was needed and it was definitely not recreational. Plus it actually helped numb the pain of the plastic needle thingy that they left in my arm. By the way, I swear I’m still in pain from that. Grrrr.

So I guess I’m sorry to the drug junkie world but they can’t have me. And trust me it's their loss cause I'm awesome! (I wish). I do encourage them to join me in this healthy side of the world though, drugs and needles suck!


  1. You are awesome!!! Your post is so very true!!

  2. So true! I couldn't do it either!

  3. I always look away when the take my blood too, I think it hurts worse when you watch too.

  4. You were brave to watch the needle. I did it once and decided it wasn't for me. I am not afraid of needles, but I don't need to see the details.

  5. I can't believe you looked! I always turn my head. I think it hurts 10 times more when you look!

  6. Of course we weren't made to be junkies . . . wouldn't we be pg if we were? ;)

    I've been vampired more in the past two years than I ever had been in the almost 40 years before.


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