Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Goodbye Summer '09

The air is cooler.
The traffic is really terrible again thanks to that thing we call school.
The leaves are falling. You don't wanna see my yard but you are welcome to if you are going to help clean it up.
The beach season is gone. Not that we went to any local beach this summer but its always nice to have the option. Ya know?
So to say goodbye, I want to share some pics of things we did this summer that I didn't share before. This way I'll have most of my Summer '09 adventures recorded publicly on ma' blog. Some things are just private.... you know... like when you have embarrassing drunk moments, things like that.  And on that note:

1- Jeff and I had our first barbecue evah!
Of course we only had the proper victims to try it out. My sister and brother with their respective families were our guinea pigs. They are still alive so that's a good thing. They played volleyball, tennis of some sort, climbed trees and I dunno what else. They all played while I slaved myself to the grill. By the time I was done the evening was over, but I learned my lesson: I rather be a guest at a BBQ than a host.... unless of course Jeff decides to share the grilling job... hint, hint.


 2- We went to a few parties, including my cousin's engagement party. The one that got engaged when we were in Ocho Rios Jamaica during our cruise.

The doomed happily engaged couple.

The nieces:


With my baby niece looking up at me adoringly...
though Jeff thinks she's looking at him... right!

My parents with their kids

3- My mother's side of the family went to a park for Labor day. We did a whole lot of nothing and then we played some ball. My body was in pain for the rest of that week. I ran a lot while my jeans kept falling down, luckily I didn't flash anyone... I think.

                                    This is the only picture I have that I consider decent. 

4-We went to eat free food at my brother's house a couple of weeks ago for his birthday. And we had cake! Yum =)




And 5- Jeff and I made a decision about this baby thing. If all else fails, we are stealing my baby niece. Its a nice way to end the summer right? Planning to steal babies. Great.


  1. Aww Shanny your niece is so cute! I think you should steal her regardless :)
    Congrats on surviving your first BBQ, your back yard is huge! Love the pics!

  2. Yay for pics!!!!
    I love your green dress, very cute. It's so sad that summer is over, time sure is flying this year. Hopefully by next summer you'll be a mom!

  3. Wow is that at your house? It looks so big! I wish I could have a net at my place to have fun too. You and Jeff look great with the baby, steal her! Steal her!

  4. That sounds like a fabulous summer!

  5. Love the pics :) Your niece is definitely looking at you, your husband is just jealous lol

  6. I love your halter on the dress, its so pretty! Maybe Ill pick it up next summer when I invite myself over to play volleyball?

  7. Embarrassing drunk moments? I'm very curious now, I think you should share that experience with us lol
    Your niece is adorable!

  8. Bye bye summer 09!
    I hope next year you can enjoy your summer with your own baby! Your niece needs a little cousin to play with :)

  9. What a fun weekend, love the pics!

  10. What a fun weekend, love the pics!

  11. This summer went by really fast, I can't believe it's time to say goodbye. Congrats to your cousin! I went back to read about your cruise, I'm so jealous!

  12. I would consider stealing her too if I knew were she lived....

    I kid, I kid.

  13. Looks like you had a fabulous summer! And I am soooo jealous of your backyard... though mine is 1/10th the size and I still can't maintain it :o\

  14. Love the pics, looks like a great summer!

  15. It was a great summer, but I'm ready to say hello to Fall! Great pics!

  16. Looks like you had a pretty great summer! I hope fall holds all sorts of great adventures for you :-)


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