Sunday, March 14, 2010

Let The Farting Begin!

I know I haven't been around the bloggy world much lately, but you'll have to excuse me. I've been busy trying my darnest to create a permanent mold of my body in my bed. And also of my butt print on my couch, if you must know. Now, I'm NOT going to complain about feeling exhausted, sick on and off, or about living with a helish heartburn 24/7. BUT I will tell you that those are the culprits for my lack of blogging. Now on to the good stuff: GAS!

As of yesterday, my Labbies (lab made babies) and I have reached our 8th week of pregnancy or what we could call the farting stage. Why farting? Because they are now the sizes of Kidney Beans and we all know what those are good for... Luckily for me I'm a lady so I don't do that..... (I will not be giving any comments to confirm or deny that statement)

My Labby Kidney Beans have webbed fingers & toes, eyelids and apparently they are moving around and shifting positions already. And if you ask me, this is the perfect week to start doing that.... No one wants to be trapped in the same area as a stinky fart. Isn't it amazing how early we become aware of survival?!

Anyway, this is also the first in 3 weeks that I will not be seeing my babies. My appointment on Wednesday is all about blood work and nothing else, boo! Next week however, I *might* see them. We are going for a consult with a new OB because my current one is just too busy for my taste. Hopefully this new OB does the right thing and shows us our babies. If she does then I'm almost positive I'll like her.


  1. LOL Shanny you are too funny!
    Yay for 8 weeks :)

  2. I'm a lady too Shanny, I don't even know what 'farting' is lol
    Sucks you won't see the labbies this week but that should be a good sign that the dr feels good about them!

  3. Good luck with your new OB appointment, I hope you like her and that you get to see your Labbies! I like Labbies, its different!

  4. Funny, Shanny! I have to tell you, I NEVER farted before getting pregnant. By the end of my pregnancy, I couldn't help myself. It would come out before I even knew what happened. And, after having my baby, nothing's ever been the same. Be careful!

  5. LMAO!
    Yay for your awesome kidney beans, even if that makes gas!GL with the new OB next week, I hope you like her/him.

  6. Hey wouldn't the farting stage help with creating a deeper body mold in your bed? LoL
    Feel better soon girl and good luck with the new Dr. I'll be praying she shows you your little beans =)

  7. I'm a lady and I don't even say the F word because it just sounds too nasty for a lady to say!!! :) If that's what you have going on, you have to be having boys. ha!

    Stay in bed! Hold down the couch! You've earned it and you're pretty tired right now! I can't imagine growing one human being, much less TWO!

    You're a human greenhouse and that's TOUGH WORK!!

    Congrats on 8 weeks!!!

  8. I say use every excuse you can at this point to create an imprint of yourself on furniture! You have certainly earned it! Congrats on 8 weeks!!

  9. Yay for the gas and the kidney beans! Tee hee hee!

    Winks & Smiles,

  10. And here I thought you were about to discuss pregnancy flatulence like I did way back when.

  11. Shanny, just read your comment on my post. And I wanted to let you know that I totally don't mind hearing from you! You are one of my favorite commenters...shh don't tell the others. :) But you get how I feel and what it's like to not be successful at getting pregnant right now and your comments always seem so genuine and real. So please feel free to comment as much as you feel comfortable with. It won't make it cry to hear from you just because you are a few steps ahead of me. :) I know I'll get there. Hopefully not with the farting. But I'd take it if that meant I was pregnant. :) Glad everything is going so great for you guys!! :)


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