Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Berry Berry Strawberries!

We saw them today!

I decided to stick to my old OB since her practice has more experience with multiples and they are a high risk practice. AND, and, and because they certainly have way more advanced machines than the OB I tried out 2 weeks ago.

They are measuring on track, Baby A measured 11w4d and Baby B measured 11w6d. We didn't see or hear the heartbeats since everything else was great. I got a pap which made me bleed but I was told not to worry so I'm not worrying (too much). I got a prescription for Zofran so hopefully my nausea and puking eases down a bit, I'm getting some of the birth defect screening tests done on Thursday, and I have to get a 3 hour glucose test done. I know its early for the glucose test but when this same doctor had me do a 2 hour test back in 2008 the results were not too satisfying, so please pray I pass this one with flying colors.

And now here is a tiny video of today's ultrasound. We had to cut it short because it was far too long, they were moving a bit more towards the end BUT they still have some moves to show in this clip! You can see Baby A waving a hand and Baby B moving its legs, its quick so you have to try to catch it =)


  1. So great! Glad to hear that things are looking good!

  2. So good to hear everything is going well! Love the video!

  3. OH MY GOD --- your babies are SO cute!!!!!!!!!! Love love love them!!!

  4. Hi babies!!! Love it!

    (brings back such wonderful memories)

  5. Great video! How exciting to see them thriving!

    PS: I'm not sure what you did for the last Glucose test, but it really is a fasting test, even if they don't tell you that officially. I'd only eat something very light and low/no sugar the day of the test (I ate a piece of toast with some butter), you can sip water while you're waiting AND move around, don't just sit the whole time, get your blood moving :o) Good luck!

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  7. Oh my God Shanny this video is awesome! Glad everything is going well :)

  8. I love love love love this little video, and I may or may not have made S watch it three times with me. And I may or may not have watched it about another 10 times since you've posted it.


    Love it!
    And I really hope you start feeling better soon love! Yuck on the morning/all day sickness :(

  9. Love those bebes!!! Looking good :)

  10. They're so cute! I can't believe you're already that far along...crazy how time flies (slower for you I'm sure). So happy for you!

  11. so cute and wonderful! I love the video. I'm crying half out of happiness for you and half out of total jealousy and sadness for me! wow!
    So happy everything is going well!
    Good luck with the glucose.

  12. LOVE!!! Thanks for putting a big 'ol smile on my face. :)

    (and not to be ugly, but most other people's u/s videos and pics don't make me smile)

  13. just found your blog, hope you don't mind, read it and loved your perspective. you are very special, both of you. wishing you luck and happiness


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