Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mommyhood so far

It's awesome.
and tiresome.
The end.

People with 1 baby: it's hard but good for you for managing!
People with 3 or more babies: I don't know how you manage so I bow to you!

My twins? They are pretty good babies. They only fuss when they have really bad gas and are in pain. For the most part they are on a very close schedule which is hard because you have to take care of them at the same time. But it beats having to deal with one after the other, trust me I tried it and immediately went back to put them back on same schedule, as much as its possible of course. The one day & night they were on separate schedule I just didn't sleep and had a massive headache the next day. Its hard dealing when I'm alone but its not impossible. Hopefully their tummy's continue to adjust and their fussing time gets cut down, its not a lot of fussing but since its times two its pretty time consuming.

My days consists of this: feed/burp/change diaper/pump, sneak in some food for myself, feed/burp/change diaper/pump, maybe pee, feed/burp/change diaper/pump, massage them and give them a bath, soothe them here and there when needed, feed/burp/change diaper/pump, maybe take a nap, feed/burp/change diaper/pump, greet Jeff home and run to shower and eat and sleep, and back again to feed/burp/change diaper/pump.

It is a lot of hard work and of course I expected that and do not and will not complain because they are sooooo worth it, but I will say this: I would not have survived this far without MY Mommy. I just don't know if she does it for her baby or my babies.... the line is very thin there... and does it matter? no, cause she loves us all yadi yadi yada BUT since I'm her baby it should be all about me, right? hee hee I may be a mother but that doesn't mean I can't still be my Mommy's spoiled baby. Just saying... 

Jeff is back to work so I try to let him sleep in the nights as much as possible but the poor guy still doesn't get enough sleep and I think has been a walking zombie at work. He actually tends to sit up, in his sleep, to "take care" of the babies a.k.a the blanket. He talks to the blanket and literally pats it so it can burp. He does it constantly but every time I try to videotape him he stops. I'll get him some day! And yes, I will share it =)

Seriously though, thanks Mom soooooooo much! We love you.
Thanks also to Jen for coming over when you have a chance to hook me up.
And to my kids, thanks for letting me experience mommyhood even if you demand lots and lots of attention, you are awesome and soooo worth it.


  1. Shanny, I'm glad you guys are doing so well. I can't imagine how it would be with 2 little ones. You're doing a great job and I'm glad your Mom and Jeff are helping you out :)

  2. Yay for great moms and great husbands! :) Sounds like you are doing a great job!

  3. LOL, men do NOT do well with sleep deprivation. My hubby did the same thing - he'd wake up and "look for the baby" amongst out blankets and pillows on the bed. It was always good for a laugh, even when I was so exhausted that very little seemed funny to me!

  4. What a nice post and tribute to you mom. When I was reading about your husband waking up at night I thought that this will probably be one of those posts where you will look back in a couple of years and not be able to believe you were ever that tired. Definitely try to get it on video!

    It sounds like you are surviving and thriving. Congratulations

  5. AWWW! So glad you have such an amazing mommy to help you with this new amazing journey. I think you are amazing for finding any time for yourself...i dont know how you do it! The babies are sooo cute!!

  6. It IS hard and I can't imagine having twins! You are doing an amazing job. And thank goodness for mom's! Your kids will say the same thing about you :)

  7. Glad to hear everything in motherhood is going great! :D And I really would LOVE to see Jeff burp the blanket! Phahahaha!!!!!

  8. One is hard to deal with sometimes so I take my hat off to your for looking after 2 bambinos!
    Sounds like you're doing great.
    In terms of sleep for Jeff, I'm sure my DH would understand. We have a deal where I do all the night feeds/changes when he's on shift and vica versa when he's off so then I can rest.

  9. Bless your heart. My baby is a week old and I can't imagine if I had 2 babies at home with me. I know your a great mama and doing a great job. Keep it up. I'll be your cheerleader!!! :)

  10. I cant wait to see this video of the Funny!!!

    Glad you are enjoying motherhood even though it is rewarding and makes me excited for my upcoming bundle of joy to arrive:)

    Take care of the babes are so adorable...just want to hugh and kiss em:)

  11. Being a mom of a singleton and then twins I know what you are is the hardest most wonderful thing in the world!!!

    Only people who have had twins know what it is like and family is AMAZING!!!

    I remember our NICU nurse telling me that when they are about 6 months life settles again...she was a mom of 3 sets of twins so I think she was right!!

    Hang in there!!

  12. 6 months is the milestone we reached that made all the difference in the world.

    I agree with you, without mom I would be in big trouble!! You're doing a great job!

  13. It is hard work and it sounds like you are doing a great job! We all need a little help...that's what grandparents are for :) lol


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