Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hello out there....

I'm not sure where you guys are but I'm still here.. around... somewhere.. lost in cyberspace... surrounded   by diapers and  baby bottles and oh yes! my babies!

I'll tell you, if I don't get a chance to sleep much then you don't get a chance to read my updates. Or my lack of updates. Whichever really, its all the same difference. The babies are now 2 months & 1 week old, crazy right? They are so big and so tiny at the same time. And heavy. Natalia is almost 12lbs and Noah is almost 10lbs. When I hold Natalia I cannot believe that my belly was way heavier than her and it really was a miracle that I didn't explode, seriously, a miracle.

They are now a "big boy and a big girl", they are sleeping all alone in their nursery. No adult supervision, well not really, they do get constant visits from mommy to make sure they are all right  but technically they are on their own... with each other and the monitor.. but alone. There was no issues, in fact, I think they like it better since they seem to sleep slightly longer in between feedings. They are so independent, my kiddos. I know there is much more to say but my brain does not remember at this moment, maybe not ever, cause you know I'm a mommy of twins and I cannot function. Wish me luck when I start working again, that should be fun, I'll probably be fired within a week for not remembering my own name.... luckily I don't have to worry about that until next month but time is flying by so I am trying to get back some sanity.. with apparently no improvement whatsoever.

I've had things that I want to write about but only God knows what they were. The only thing I remember is that I want to write about breastfeeding/pumping, I want to share all the tips I've learned because surprisingly its hard to come across these things in one place. And why am I writing what I want to write about? to remember what I want to write about, that's why. Did I mention I cannot function or remember anything?

Anyway, here are some pics:

Here they are in their first big outing, we went to New Jersey
for Thanksgiving with Jeff's side of the family.
We had to stop in the middle of Manhattan to feed them, interesting times!


Thanksgiving outfits

At 6 weeks in their twin bassinet in our bedroom,  this was before
moving  them to their crib, no matter how far apart we place them, 
they always gravitate towards each other.

At 5 weeks

7 Weeks
My serious little thinker

Let me tell you a secret Noah:
"sometimes you are just too serious"

"Oh, Natty get over it!"

 My failed attempt at getting pics for our Christmas card,
it took 3 shooting days but I never got a
perfect one together =(

"Natalia, geroffff me!!"

8 weeks pics

I'm rocking the baby girl Einstein look!

"Noah is not here so I'll eat my own hand.."

9 Weeks

First time they are dressed in similar
outfits (except for the Santa ones)
Not sure this will happen often...

 I'm knocked out! And Noah is...

...happy cause he gets alone time with Mommy and Daddy!

 OK, I think I'm all caught up now! Hopefully I'll be able to post weekly pics from now on and not give you a lot in one post again, phewww.. I'm glad I'm done!


  1. Oh wow, they are so precious...and have gotten so big!

  2. They are so very darling! I miss when my little one would take naps on the couch beside us, and then we could **GASP** walk away because he didn't move more than an inch! I know everyone says it, but they really do grow so fast. Enjoy every little moment!

  3. They're getting so big!! Thanks for the update!! :)

  4. They are so super cute!!! Thanks for the update. As a working mom of twins the fact that I have not been fired yet for low brain function is a Christmas miracle so if I can do it you can do it!

  5. I'm so glad you found some time to update! They are absolutely adorable and I hope you all have a wonderful first Christmas together!

  6. Awe they are so precious.Thats to funny ya'll had to stop on your way to his fmailys house to feed them my friends had to do that one time and she was struggling in the car lol.

    I'm glad everyones doing good BOO! On work.

  7. Oh my they are getting big so fast time is going by fast...They are both so cute!!!

    I would love to read your tips on breastfeeding because I am scared to death over it...But the more I read I feel better.

    Glad to see your update:)

  8. They are absolutely precious! I miss the updates, but I'd spend as much time with them (and sleeping) if I were you, too. Congrats! And Happy Holidays!

  9. I so remember what you are feeling when I had the girls. I also remember trying so hard to get pictures together and either one was eating on the other one or they were crying on somthing. But those are all precious memories!!

    They are so darn cute and you are SOOO blessed!!!

  10. They are just so cute. I love his thinker pose. :)

  11. Love the pictures and glad to hear things are going well! I would love to read a post on pumping/nursing considering I'm now in the same boat now, and really haven't read from other moms on the subject. :)

  12. THey are getting so big! I am so happy for you sweetie! The babies look so healthy, so happy, so amazing! You did it! What amazing parents you truly are!


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