Monday, March 5, 2012

Sex, Sex, Sex!!!!

Raunchy title?
Let's get a bit raunchier...

That's what my two little darlings like to yell every so often.
Why that word? Well, because they see it every day. And I do mean every single day. These kids are actually very aware of it and can start calling 'sex' out as soon as they see it. I'm so proud of them!

Now, I know they are only one year old but they have to start learning things. And if they mispronounce things like... umm.. SOCKS... and call it SEX... at least they are close enough, no? And if they think that's the one word they should repeat over and over, even if its in public, the least I can do is support them while hanging my head in shame, right? Right!


  1. LOL
    I was getting jealous of your sex life and giving you kudos for getting some with twin babies. You really had me going!
    The kids are so cute embarrassing mommy while learning ;)

  2. Haha! I love where you went with this. Lilah used to pronounce sock as "cock." So I totally feel your pain.

  3. Lol!! Don't you just love that toddler vocabulary. My LO says orgy for oranges and of course every time we are at the grocery store she ALWAYS finds the oranges and screams about it at the TOP OF HER LUNGS. Look mama! ORGY! ORGY yummy in my tummy! ORGY yummm good!


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