Wednesday, May 14, 2008



OK, so its confirmed. I'm 3 days post ovulation according to my temps in my chart. What does this mean? Hopefully that my eggie was fertilized and that I have a baby brewing. (I came up with "brewing" since I like asking Jeff to brew the coffee, & I love coffee). Um, I need your help with that... repeat after me:

Brew baby, brew!

(Brew baby, brew!)

Please don't make any mistakes while asking my baby to brew, if you make one wrong pronunciation you might just F**k the whole thing up. BE CAREFUL!

I hope you memorized my abbreviations because you will need it to survive this blog. I'm threatening to erase my help from the screen, so watch it!

I'm now in my 2WW.... ::waiting for you to figure out what it means::, la, la.

Welcome back!

Yes, I'm in my 2ww, and I expect you to scrutinize all of my symptoms with me. This might be disappointing to read, but a lot of the symptoms are the same as if AF is coming. Darn!

Since we have 2 long ass weeks to find out if we are expecting or if I'll get AF along the way, I'll give you a lesson of what my body will **hopefully** be experiencing soon. Sorry if this will be TMI for you, but tough luck.

Pregnancy symptoms to look for during 2WW:

  • Cramps. (yeah, big help...sense the sarcasm)

  • Sore boobs.

  • Darkening of... err... the nipples (oh, grow up)

  • Vivid dreams. (They could be scary, last time I dreamed I got shot in the head and I swear I still feel the pain)

  • Nausea, dizziness

  • Exhaustion

  • Constant peeing

  • Sensitivity to smell

  • Pimples..(I have like 4 on my chin....yay!)

  • Back pain

  • Thirst

  • Cravings or no hunger at all

  • Bloated

  • Gassy....(What? like you don't get gas)

  • Soar throat and stuffy nose

  • Mood swings (I did say it was a lot like PMS, didn't I?)

  • More I can't remember, and last but not least...

  • A BFP!!!!! ( I hate to say this, but duh!.. if you don't know you are pg when you get a bfp I'm sorry for you)

Ok, I might experience some or all of these symptoms.... Maybe none, but I can't handle that so I might just force myself to think that I am thirsty so that I can drink a lOT of water then pee constantly and while I'm at it I will squeeze my bbs hard to make sure they are sore. See? I have a positive feeling about this 2WW, I think its safe to say that I will definitely be living through some of the things in my list. (Whether my body cooperates or not!) And, NO, you can't help me squeeze my bbs, what's the matter with you?

Oh, Please pray to keep AF away from me, we only have 11 more days before I can test, not that I'm counting.....

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  1. We're pulling for you two to get a BFP. We are perfect strangers on our own 2WW. Day 7/14. March 6 is our day to find out. (The 2WW sucks bigger monkey balls)

    So here's to you and your hubby and your new little one.

    Say a prayer for us!
    M&J, Canada


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