Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Let me take you back to the start..

So, Jeff and I are from completely different backgrounds, we are very well mixed up. Some would say we are "weird" looking, but I say exotic! =)

Jeff... is all over the place with his ethnic background, 1/2 of him is Chinese, and the other 1/2 is divided with Irish, German, French and Dutch... Yet the man only speaks English!
I'm mixed with Venezuelan and Guyanese; 1/2 and 1/2 split right down the middle. Can you imagine our kids? I feel bad for them, on the flip side, they can certainly apply to work at the United Nations. OK, so they may not *exactly* qualify but they can speak on behalf of all those countries... or at least just let the world hear what mommy and daddy have to say.

From here on, the story is for Jeff... Honey this is how me met:
(Guys and their memories!)

We met at work, a Real Estate office (different job now for both of us), and honestly we didn't even find each other attractive at first... we were just intrigued by how interesting the other looked. On my first day there, this guy that I don't know, flirting with some girl is having a discussion about him being the youngest R.E. Agent there, apparently she didn't believe him so he comes to me and says: "Hey, you don't know me." (I'm thinking.. Duh!), he continues: "How old do you think I am?". Now, I hate questions like this, so I went the sarcastic route: " 65", I immediately freaked out because I didn't know if he was one of the bosses or who on earth he was. He proceeded to stare me down, and said: " I have to go now, but we will discuss this tomorrow." Crap! I messed up! This is my first day here and I went and insulted one of my bosses. Oh, how naive I was! he was only joking.

The next day, I didn't hear anything... (good, yay!) He then comes in to have lunch at the same time with me, and we are the only ones there. Crap, crap crap! But I guess he forgot because he was nice, and kept talking and talking, and eventually said that I was sarcastic the day before... "cool", he followed up, "I like sarcastic". (Pheww! I'm not in trouble, then again he wasn't any one's boss.) As he was talking I was very intrigued... I started to look at him, thinking he looks different, what is he? should I ask?..nooo, that's rude don't ask! Well, it turns out he was curious too so he asked me first (how rude!). From that day on, he met me for lunch almost every day, because we got along really well. Really... really well. He said he wanted to learn Spanish so my job was to teach him a new Spanish phrase every day, and so I did.

We became kind of close, we talked about the problems we were having with the exes. And one day, November 5Th, 2002 (not that I remember), it was pouring outside and he was walking home since he lived a few blocks away. He had to go meet his ex, there was a big argument, and since he was upset he walked all the way back to work in the rain just to tell me that he had a rough night, this was almost 9 P.M, when I was about to close the office. Anyway, he came and said that he had a rough night and turned to walk home again... that's all he said to me. As he got to the door, my pen dropped and as I was picking it up I looked up at him and he look at me, and we just felt something. It was very fast, but that look made me call him that night... first time either one of us called the other..... we spent 6 hours on the phone, and I dare say that's when we fell in love.

We didn't really talk about us, I didn't think I liked him like that, but gosh I couldn't stop thinking about him and neither could he (yes, I know he felt the same way, its my story remember?) It took us a few months before we actually started dating, I mean he did after all make me dinner for Valentine day... as friends... in our minds... We were in denial, what can we say? You think we would have figured it out after hanging out a few times a week. We decided to have dinner that Valentine day, supposedly because we were both down about our previous relationships (ha!), but by the time dinner was over and I was leaving around 9:30 pm (I had a curfew and had to get home by 10PM.... don't ask) he walked me to my car and asked me to be his girlfriend..... the rest is history!

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